Zimbabwe: ‘Schools, Colleges and Varsities Must Adopt Entrepreneurship to Stop Churning Graduates Onto the Streets,’ Labour Expert Challenges Educationists

THE local education curricula must be tailored to teach entrepreneurship skills from early childhood development (ECD) onwards to prevent colleges and universities from throwing “useless” graduates onto the streets, a human resources expert said.

Philemon Chitagu, immediate past president of the Institute of People Management of Zimbabwe (IPMZ), said the labor market lacks job opportunities for graduates from various colleges and universities, so it needs to focus on training primary and secondary school learners to start a business.

“The success of any organization depends on the type of human resources, which then determine a nation’s success,” Chitagu said.

“How many students are coming in and how many jobs do we have on the market? Calculations suggest that approximately 14,000 graduates enter the market each year and we all know that this market is stagnant due to the challenges we are currently experiencing.

“Well, the question is, where do all these people go after they graduate? Do they take to the streets? And if the answer is yes, what do we do because we have to find a solution, we can’t just know that we’re graduates in the streets.

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“To solve this, one thing comes to mind: entrepreneurship,” said Chitagu, who is also Shweppes’ Human Resources Director.

Chitagu spoke during the annual Champion College speech and awards ceremony day at the Chapman Golf Club in Harare on Sunday.

He added: “To continue our journey, we need to have an entrepreneurial mindset and do certain things ourselves. We should not be there to be employed, but to be employers. Let us wish to be employers so that brave, disciplined and humble learners thrive.”

He also urged learners to use new information and communication technologies (ICT) to remain relevant in the labor market.

Guest of honor Paida Jakachira, Human Resources and Systems Director at Speedlink Cargo, emphasized that the success of any learner depends on hard work and resilience in the wake of adversity.

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She took audiences on her inspirational life journey from humble beginnings in Harare’s densely populated suburb of Glen View to rise to fame

Corporate ladder, where she rubs shoulders with the country’s eminent businessmen.

Jakachira, who is also IPMZ Vice President, urged learners to choose their careers wisely and follow their passion, and urged parents and

Parents to refrain from forcing children into their preferred occupations.

On the same occasion, Tendesai Mushamba, Chief Executive Officer of Champion College, said his institution strives to mold responsible future leaders who are not only academically gifted but socially and morally upright and environmentally conscious.