Wych Activates On CDR Register With Wych Data, Second Product Activated In Six Months.

Wych, which uses data-driven AI technology to get more from money, today announces the completion of its CDR compliance assessment and activation in the Consumer Data Rights (CDR) Registry for Wych Data.

The Wych team is no stranger to the CDR journey with the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission), which completed activation for Wych’s personal financial assistant, Wych Money, in March 2022. Since then, they have focused on meeting the stringent regulatory requirements that form the CDR journey for Wych Data.

Wych Data is a suite of three products for the business market. Through Wych’s AI-based technology, corporate clients can use their own CDR accreditation or Wych’s to leverage data to better understand their customers. Wych can do the analysis work for you and offers a white-label option.

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Wych CEO Dermot Butterfield said: “Putting two products through the CDR process is a major achievement. We work closely with personal data, so excellence in systems and processes is a must for us. We may receive data from data owners such as banks, who also go through a similar process as data owners. It’s worth it though, we now have two products ready for both banking and energy sectors, with system requirements for future industries to add.”

Dermot credited the speed of CTS completion to the flexibility of the Wych platform and an amazing technical team.

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Check out how to enable Wych on the Australian Government website – Consumer Data Rights.

About Wych

Wych is an expanding start-up company established from a home base in Titirangi, Auckland. It now has two products launching in the consumer and business markets in Australia and then New Zealand.

  • Wych Money is a personal financial assistant that enables customers to take control of their finances via an AI-powered app.
  • Wych Data enables businesses and financial advisors to connect with their clients to accelerate client goals.

Founded by Dermot Butterfield, a veteran technology innovator, Wych’s mission is to turn clients’ money into wealth. To learn more visit https://www.wych.it

About the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is an independent Commonwealth statutory body tasked with enforcing the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and a number of additional laws, encouraging competition, promoting fair trade and improving the national infrastructure for Regulate benefits of all Australians.

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