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Sunniva Kolostjak: internet.com stock has been in an uptrend for many, many years, but we think it’s overvalued. And crucially, our analysts give them a high Uncertainty rating, meaning the consequences of owning them could indeed be very small.

Ollie Smith: Internet.com has delivered explosive returns to shareholders over the years, but its impact on its user base has been mixed at best and adverse at worst. At one point, we celebrated the ease with which we could interact with long-lost friends, community groups, and planned parties that people would actually show up to. But it didn’t take long for the rot to set in.

colostyak: In 2022, the internet is a hive of social psychological disorder.

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blacksmith: racial hatred.

colostyak: Apparently illegitimate regime change and addiction.

blacksmith: The young turned to instant gratification, while the old reveled in the confirmation of every prejudice they ever held but were afraid to air them in the workplace.

colostyak: Therefore, we have assigned a high uncertainty rating to internet.com’s extensive product range. The servings of [email protected], for example, are gone, but it’s not entirely clear if consumers see that as a bad thing…

blacksmith: …if it’s definitely, definitely. Likewise, subscriptions to the company’s Echo Chamber social media platform are higher than at any time in 2009, but support for the 1 Like = Respect product range and the awful stench over a video of a CEO crying on LinkedIn is waning.

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colostyak: After all, there has never been a better time to be a user of internet.com’s influencer platform, but neither has there been a worse time to use it if you want to become one.

blacksmith: Even this phrase was sponsored by internet.com because it aims to eat oneself while not producing anything of value. With all of this in mind, we don’t think internet.com is a bargain at all, let alone a buy, but we know you will. Next – swipe right.

colostyak: Swipe right.

James Gard: Hey Google, is now a good time to buy stocks?

Google: We’re sorry. I don’t know how to help there. Here are other things you can try.

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