Woman’s Reaction To Roommate’s Robbery Prank Divides Internet Users

A woman has expressed anger at her roommate after learning the robbery at her home was fake. However, this reaction has divided netizens.

The woman later shared her story on Reddit’s “r/AmITeA–hole?” Thread to ask people if she was in the wrong here.

The woman’s roommate played a “mock prank” on her because she didn’t lock the apartment doors.

In her post, the woman explained that she lives in a safe city and has therefore never developed the habit of locking apartment doors.

However, her roommate, who she has been friends with for years, has been very concerned about this unsafe habit lately.

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At first she didn’t understand her roommate’s sudden change of perspective, but decided to make it a habit to lock the apartment doors.

Unfortunately, she keeps forgetting.

One day when the woman came home, everything in the apartment was scattered.

“I went to my room and my TV was gone, my mini boba fridge was gone, all my old playboys were gone, so many of my clothes were gone,” the woman explained.

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She discovered that her home had been robbed. After a minute to herself, she quickly made her way over to her roommate. She saw her roommate in her room but was shocked to see something else.

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