Whereabouts of Fortnite’s Season 5 Surfaces on the Internet Just Days After Season 4’s Arrival on the Gaming Screens

The enchanting battle royale game Fortnite has gotten the community buzzing with its sparkling performances and undeniable developments. As the new season begins, fans are already amazed by the new changes and Chrome’s unmistakably engaging concept. While players are still digesting the new changes, another development might just be shooting off the hype train.


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Fortnite recently released its Chapter 3 Season 4. And the game looks improved both mechanically and graphically. In addition, there are new aspects that players can touch and customize as they conquer to achieve Victory Royale. But an exciting update could set them up for another season to come any time soon.


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Are Fortnite fans ready for next season?

As reported by Insider Gaming, the next Fortnite season will start on December 5th, 2022. Insider Gaming is a trusted and verified source for gaming news and leaks. Furthermore, they have said in the article that this information comes from a source that has been legitimized in the past.

Additionally, according to their source, players can expect the current season of Fortnite to end on December 3rd, 2022. Then the fans announce it “Two days of downtime between seasons.” Surprisingly, the new season will be part of the ongoing chapter in the game.

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Notably, a source has indicated that there are “At least eight individual collaborations are ‘drawn’ for the remainder of 2022.” That means fans could see more exciting and exciting cosmetics in the game. And it has already been unofficially revealed that Epic Games may be introducing a Luke Skywalker skin to the game.

All in all, Epic Games is closely monitored to curb the nature and frequency of leaks. An anonymous source even admitted it “The recent leaks have become a ‘logistical headache’ for the team.” Therefore, it is understandable that the gaming company is making efforts to limit the leaks going forward.

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This ICON collaboration has become the highlight of this season

Fortnite as free-to-play has unlocked amazing prospects for users’ gaming experience. By unleashing a completely revamped idea of ​​gunfights and battle royale, it has enticed gamers over the years.

Additionally, its cosmetics are considered some of the best in the video game industry. It could be said that their efforts in collaborating with famous names have effectively contributed to this reputation. The example of their recent collaboration with SypherPK would do the job.


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The SypherPK ICON Bundle was the highlight of the season. The pack includes an Oni Mask, Oni Back Jewelry, an Emote, and many more cosmetics with variants. Additionally, for the first time, a creator had the ability to distribute a custom loading screen banner. And this can be earned by completing conquests on SypherPK’s icon map.

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Surprisingly, the bundle has something free to offer. The Dark Dragon ICON wrap from the bundle can be claimed as a Twitch Drop. For that you have to watch SypherPK’s stream for an hour and the gun wrap will be theirs. Hence, Fortnite has proven its versatility by performing extremely well in every aspect of the game. And it would be exciting to see what they plan to unleash next season.


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