Wednesday Ratings | Farewell SHAUN MICALLEF’S MAD AS HELL

May the ABC have the sanity to replace it with more much needed political satire.

A topical matter (613,000) for nine, although he’s still a winner at 7 p.m. The block (685,000) was also a winner, despite being the second-lowest all season. A special edition of Footy classified (169,000 MEL/ADL/PER) messed up the schedule a bit and bounced around like shows My life as Rolling Stone (242,000) and not even a repeat of In the mind of Freddie Mercury (38,000 SYD) in most places. The night came together for an episode of family law (52,000).
Nine first in both the primary (22.3%) and network (31.6%) rankings.

Home & Away (460,000) slips back below 500,000 for Seven and again retains the title as Seven’s most watched program after the news. Farmer is looking for a wife (455,000) slipped a bit last night to the lowest all season. Armed and dangerous (208,000) and The Chernobyl disaster (111,000) quickly fill out the rest of the schedule.
Seven seconds in both the primary (20%) and network (27.2%) rankings.

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7:30 (393,000) and a repeat of Hard quiz (370,000) pull ABC into third place in prime time. The series finale of Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell (446,000) ends on a comedic peak, despite being down nearly 50,000 from last week. Ahh, the inexplicably fickle audience (Total TV will no doubt help next week). summer love (276,000) and win week (196,000) follow little, and it remains Adam Hills: The Last Leg (154,000) and a repeat of stains and stains (39,000) to end the evening.
ABC Third in both the primary (12.7%) and network (17.8%) rankings.

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Almost no love for The project (178,000 6:30 p.m.; 282,000 7 p.m.) on the 10th and even less for the final of Shaun Micallef’s Brain Eisteddfod (214,000). A repeat of The Dog House Australia (213,000) sustained the malaise, as did the nightly double recurrence of bull (133,000; 114,000).
10 Fourth in both the primary (9.1%) and network (14.5%) rankings.

The Australian Wars (154,000), simulcast on NITV, headlined the night from SBS, followed by 24 hours in an emergency (109,000) and The unknown (39,000).
SBS is fifth in both the primary (4.1%) and network (8.9%) rankings.

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16-39: The Block (124,000) came before Nine News 6:30/6pm, A Current Affair and Seven News 6:30pm.

18-49: The Block (215,000) beat Nine News at 6:30 p.m., Seven News at 6:30 p.m., Nine News at 6 p.m. and A Current Affair.

25-54: The Block (271,000) delivers another triple demo win to Nine, followed by Nine News 6:30pm, Seven News 6:30pm, Nine News 6pm, and Seven News 6pm.


The Adventures of Paddington – EV (133,000) takes multi-channel victory again for ABC Kids/TV Plus.


service time Good night (cume/avg) note
abc news 19:00-19:30 551,000
SBS world news 18:30-19:30 119,000 130,000 6:30 p.m
108,000 7 p.m
Seven messages 6-7 p.m 857,000 856,000 6 p.m
857,000 6:30 p.m
Nine messages 6-7 p.m 781,000 779,000 6 p.m
782,000 6:30 p.m
10 messages first 17:00-18:30 250,000 5 p.m
160,000 6pm

SBS World News averaged ((18:30 + 19:00)/2) to obtain the total program count.
Seven news/nine news numbers were averaged ((6pm + 6:30pm)/2) to obtain the total program number.


sunrise (209,000)
The Today Show (177,000)
ABC breakfast (175,000 (110,000 ABC; 65,000 ABC messages))


A change from last week’s primetime lineup, after adding total TV numbers: the block (nine) rose 33% to 1,475,000; Border Security (Seven) up 6%/4% to 483,000/500,000; and The Dog House Australia (10) rose 7% to 446,000.

The BVOD bests were The Block (237,000) and Home and Away (127,000).

Here are the five shows that stood out the most from their nightly numbers:

program network total television % Elevator
summer love ABC 503,000 36
After the verdict Nine 651,000 34
The block Nine 1,475,000 33
home and away seven 919,000 20
Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell ABC 831,000 20

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