Treat Yourself to Birthday Freebies at These 25 Restaurants

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Celebrate your birthday with free cookies, ice cream, pizza, a burrito – and more!

Important points

  • Many brands send out coupons for free birthday treats through their rewards programs.
  • Find out how to get delicious treats from places like Crumbl Cookies, Smashburger, Ben & Jerry’s and Panera Bread.

Your birthday is the perfect time to celebrate yourself, everything you’ve been through and what makes you unique. Instead of using your credit card to pay for a fancy birthday meal, why not take advantage of free birthday treats from restaurants and eateries in your community?

Many restaurants offer birthday gifts to their loyal customers. You could win multiple freebies during your birthday month – making your birthday party more affordable.

are you ready to party Here are 25 birthday gifts that are worth giving:

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Anthony’s Charcoal Oven Pizza and Wings: Get a free traditional 12 inch pizza.

Baskin Robbins: Get a free scoop of ice cream.

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Ben & Jerry’s: Treat yourself to a complimentary ice cream.

Brugger’s bagels: Enjoy a complimentary cream cheese bagel.

Buffalo Wild Wings: Receive six free wings during your birthday month.

Chilies: Get a free dessert to celebrate your birthday.

Cold Stone Dairy: Get a BOGO treat voucher for your birthday.

Crumb Cookies: Celebrate with a free birthday cookie.

Del Taco: Get a free milkshake or dessert for your birthday – your award level determines which birthday gift you receive.

Dunkin Donuts: Enjoy a complimentary drink of your choice.

Fire Department Subs: Get a free Medium subscription during your birthday week.

I JUMP: Get a plate of complimentary birthday pancakes.

Jamba juice: Sip on a complimentary birthday smoothie.

Jersey Mike’s Subs: Get a free birthday subscription.

Moe’s southwest grid: Get a free burrito for your special day!

olive garden: Get a free dessert for your birthday.

Panera Bread: Enjoy a complimentary birthday pastry.

Papa Johns: Get a free dessert.

pinkberry: Enjoy a complimentary frozen yogurt.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop: Get a free birthday cookie.

Robin: Get a free burger as a birthday gift.

Smashburger: Get a free side, burger, or both – your birthday gift depends on your reward tier.

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Smoothie King: Get a Free Birthday Smoothie.

Starbucks: Enjoy a complimentary meal or drink on your birthday.

TGI Fridays: Receive a free dessert with a purchase of $5 or more during your birthday month.

How to claim your free birthday treats

Many restaurants and fast food companies that offer free birthday gifts require you to join their free rewards program in order to receive your free birthday reward. The good news is that it only takes a few seconds to sign up for these programs.

But if you forget this, you can’t just show up and await your birthday present. Most companies require that you have your free reward on your mobile app or that you have an email with a freebie coupon.

By signing up for these free loyalty programs now, you can be well prepared before your special day arrives. That way, you’re all set for a month of birthday treats. Additionally, many of these rewards programs offer valuable perks that can save you money.

Freebies are a win for your wallet

These birthday gifts are a win for your wallet. You can still celebrate your special day without breaking the bank. By spending less, you can keep more money in your bank account. Isn’t it great that you can celebrate your birthday with these offers to help you reach your personal financial goals faster?

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Note that this list is not exhaustive. Look for local restaurants and eateries in your community that offer birthday treats so you can maximize your giveaways.

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