Torn Between Wanting To Save The Environment And Getting That Cool Esquire Honorific? Fear Not, Learned Green Thumb.

Natural beauty.

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Itching to put nature back into natural law whenever Aquinas is educated? Want Con Law With A Side Of Environmental Justice? tort and an ANWAR? Okay, enough about Austin Powers — if you answered yes to any of these, you should pay attention to what Vermont Law is doing.

The newly rebranded Vermont Law and Graduate School – formerly known as the Vermont Law School – has announced the formation of its new Vermont School for the Environment to expand its graduate program offerings.

Two new graduate programs will be housed at the school: a Masters in Climate and Environmental Policy and a Masters in Animal Welfare Policy.

Two existing programs, a Masters in Energy Regulation and Law and a Masters in Food and Agricultural Law, will also be transferred to the new school.

That’s cool. There are already too many alumni associations full of JDs specializing in business or something typical. A dual JD/Master of Energy Regulation would definitely make you one of the cooler people at the academic table. Sure, your other competitor would likely be someone specializing in tax law, but the point remains.

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Are you already registered at the school of your choice? You might find some of the more down-to-earth faculty modeling an environmental law class or two where you are. I heard they put quite a lot of emphasis on reuse and recycling anyway. Still in that sweet spot where you haven’t got a law degree yet but are reading ATL just to get used to the culture? First of all, what are you doing? Go and touch grass now. Second, check out this list that ranks law schools for their best environmental law programs.

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But no, really do something else. Spy x Family is really nice. Maybe check this out? For anyone else already enrolled in a law program, this does not apply to you. This is your life now. go outline. I am sorry.

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Vermont Law and Graduate School announces new environmental programs [VT Digger]

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