This $650 NYC Apartment Is Literally Smaller Than A Closet

Apartments in New York City aren’t known for being particularly spacious or particularly cheap.

TikTok via @calebwsimpson

TikTok via @calebwsimpson

Maybe that’s why the internet is so intrigued by a woman who’s gone viral for showing off her comically small, 80-square-foot apartment, which she rents for a cool $650 a month.

Alaina Randazzo was interviewed by TikToker Caleb Simpson, who often asks New Yorkers on the street how much they pay for their apartments and if he can tour as part of his post.

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Randazzo then leads viewers into her Midtown Manhattan apartment as the camera zooms in on them from above. Viewers can see the one room (if you can even call it that) that combines a burner on a stovetop, some shelf space, and a loveseat.

When Randazzo (whom Simpson says is “5’5 on a good day”) lies down on the floor, her entire body is too long to even fit from wall to wall.

“No window, but we’re good,” Randazzo notes after pointing to a skylight and her loft bed.

Viewers had a great day that was seemingly divided equally between feelings of awe and horror.

“I’m too claustrophobic for this,” said one user.

“Actually, I’d like to live there,” disagreed another.

New Yorkers also flooded with comments saying paying rent that low in Manhattan is still a “bargain” regardless of apartment size.

“That’s solid. Anyone who doesn’t believe that doesn’t understand the opportunity cost,” even wrote one commenter. “Living so cheaply in Midtown has such a high ROI.”

Many pointed out that Randazzo didn’t mention anything about a bathroom, which seemed to be concerning, although she clarified on her own TikTok page that she uses a shared bathroom down the hall.

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She also revealed that she shares the apartment with her dog.

According to the latest data, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in NYC is currently about $3,927, up about 27% from the same period last year.

Currently the most expensive area for a studio in New York is the Upper West Side, where the average studio costs $4,198 — about $3,548 more than Randazzo pays.

Tiny or not, that’s certainly not wasted money on rent!

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