The new TV shows you may have missed, now streaming in Australia

It’s been a big few months for television.

We’ve had blockbuster releases like House of Dragon, Rings of Power, and Handmaid’s Tale. We even had the Emmys and a Netflix reboot of Heartbreak High.

If you’ve already bitten the hits, these are some of the hidden gems you might have missed.

Mon (Netflix)


If you’re a Ramy (on Stan) fan, you might recognize Mo Amer, who now graces our screens with his own show about life in Texas as a Muslim Arab-American.

In Mo, loosely based on the comedian’s life story, we see our protagonist crossing the line between multiple cultures, balancing life in modern Texas while honoring his Palestinian roots and building a future with his Mexican-American Catholic girlfriend .

Always busy, Mo does whatever it takes to support his family – he works in a phone repair shop, DJs at a strip club and sells high-end fakes from the trunk of his car. He juggles this with a pending asylum application (via a “lawyer” who works at an incense store) and (spoiler alert) a gunshot wound sustained while picking up food for his brother’s picky cat.

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Mo wades effortlessly between humor, depth and suspense, with nuanced and sympathetic characters. The 20 minute episodes will make you laugh, cry and just feel.

For fans of: Dramedies like Ramy, Atlanta, Master of None and Fleabag.

Wedding Season (Disney+)


If you want to have a little fun, don’t go to a wedding. Binge Wedding Season on Disney+ instead!

This action rom-com is the perfect choice for a date night. It follows Stefan and Katie as they meet (and fall in love) at multiple weddings during the summer wedding season.

Stefan eventually fails Katie’s wedding, only to be publicly and humiliatingly rejected. We soon find out that without a bride, the entire bridal party is poisoned to death at said wedding and our two protagonists are the prime suspects.

Chaos and laughter ensue as the unlikely pair embark on a quest to find the real killer and clear their names.

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For fans of: Couples engaging in games à la The Lovebirds, Palm Springs and Date Night.

Savage River (ABC view)


If you’re like my mom and I, you’re always looking for the next ABC or BBC drama to sink your teeth into. Look no further!

Savage River has all the makings of a gripping Australian crime thriller: a small outback town, a killer cast and dark secrets from the past just waiting to be uncovered.

13 Reasons Why Katherine Langford plays Miki, who returns to her hometown after 10 years in prison for manslaughter. But when another body is discovered, she immediately becomes a suspect and sets out to prove her innocence.

For fans of: Annoyances like The Dry, Broadchurch and Mystery Road.

Domino Masters (SBS On Demand)


There’s nothing like a breakfast machine in a children’s film. It usually starts with an alarm that sets off a toy car driving down a race track to crack an egg in a pan before toast shows up, lands on a plate and finally it’s all delivered to our mad scientist in bed.

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If you’re a fan of the satisfaction that comes with that kind of chain reaction, boy, I’ve got the show for you.

The Domino Masters sees four teams compete for the Domino Masters title plus a whopping $100,000.

After receiving the all-clear for “Doma-Go” from host Eric Stonestreet of Modern Family, they have a whopping 16 hours to build a themed chain of dominoes.

Participants range from an engineer to a rocket scientist to a musical theater performer. The excitement is high and the results are even more satisfying than a children’s movie breakfast machine. I’m now an official Domino Stan and I’m sure this show would be even better if you watched it with real kids.

For fans of: Lego Masters and chain reactions in movies like Flubber, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Pee-wee’s Big Adventure.

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