The Block tackles living and dining

• The block is at the top of non-news
• Launch of Take 5 With Zan Rowe
• The Amazing Race bids farewell to the Baru Mates

Total TV Ratings, September 13

on nine, The Bock up 34%, with 1,356,000 viewers as Foreman keith had to close two houses in one day. The Hundred with Andy Lee followed by 575,000, up 15%.

On Farmer is looking for a wife, Farmer Benjamin confessed to kissing two of his ladies in front of 1,064,000, which is 34% more. “Home and Away” was up 19% to a total viewership of 1,011,000.

Old People’s Home For Teenagers rose 41% on ABC, warming the hearts of 709,000.

With Beau Ryan still isolating The amazing race, Scott Tweedie climbed onto the plate. 613,000 watched the teams race around Turkey’s Alaçati, up 34%.

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TV Ratings Overnight, September 20th

Primetime News
Seven messages 969,000/937,000
Nine messages 764,000/799,000
ABC News 580,000
10 News First 276,000 (5:00 p.m.)/150,000 (6:00 p.m.)
SBS World News 141,000 (6:30 p.m.)/127,000 (7:00 p.m.)

daily news
A current affair 645,000
7.30 457,000
The project 179,000 (18:30)/ 277,000 (19:00)
The drum 148,000

breakfast tv
Sunrise 221,000
Today 215,000
News Breakfast 196,000

Late News
Nine messages end 119,000
ABC Late News 91,000
The latest: Seven News 89,000
SBS World Late News 38,000

Nine won the night with a primary share of 22.4% and a network share of 30.8%. The night’s leader for multichannel was 7mate with a share of 3.9%.

Nine A topical matter investigated noisy delivery drones and the introduction of a ‘no corpse, no parole’ law in NSW for 645,000 viewers. The block saw the couples tackle their monstrous living and dining areas in front of 706,000. The living and dining areas add up to 440 square meters this year – larger than the first time block Building that was only 354 square meters. The Hundred with Andy Lee followed and revealed some big – and not so big – truths for 343,000.

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home and away started Sevens Nacht with 526,000 viewers tuning in. It was a dramatic night Farmer is looking for a wifeWith Farmer Paige both sending their potential suitors home because the spark is missing. Samantha Army Day was there to save the day, however, and 465,000 watched as she stormed in and introduced two new partners for any farmer to meet.

On the 10th, The Project (179,000 18:30 / 277,000 19:00) interviewed Suzanne Simpsonone of the attorneys who worked to have the conviction overturned Adnan Syedand talked to Mel C from The Spice Girls.

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The amazing race said goodbye to Baru Mates Stuart and Glennonwith 286,000 spectators when they last took to the mat in Cartagena, Colombia. The cheap seats rounded off the night and poked fun at the week for 291,000.

The alphabet 7.30 457,000 tuned in as the show covered the end Queen Elizabeth the secondMourning period and possible misconduct by Australian commandos in Afghanistan. Take 5 with Zan Rowe started, kicking off the season through interviews Guy Pearce for 329,000. retirement home for young people followed with 327,000 turn-ons.

The highest rated show on SBS was Great coast train journeys switch on with 165,000.

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