Teacher asks students to draw her picture, their creative drawings impress the internet

The children made fun drawings of the teacher


  • A teacher named Nishat asked her students to draw her picture.
  • The teacher then posted the pictures on social media.
  • The photos drew a lot of attention on Twitter.
Children are very creative and can come up with things you can’t imagine. A teacher decided to test her students’ talent. The results were amazing. It went viral on social media.

Nishat, a teacher, asked her first graders to draw a picture of her. The students quickly completed the task. In the end, they finished some outstanding artworks and the teacher decided to share them on social media.

She tweeted: “I asked first graders to draw a picture of me. The results were hilarious. Here’s a reference image of what I looked like.” In subsequent tweets, she posted images of her students’ artwork. Captioning the first hilarious picture, the preschool teacher wrote: “Off to a slow start but love the hair. The body gives me the feeling of a vodka bottle. But overall 5/10.”

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Nishat went on to post another picture. The drawing, which was relatively better, impressed the teacher. She wrote: “Massive improvement over the last one. The earrings are so on point. The hair is pretty much on point. I give him 9/10.”

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Posting another brilliant sketch, the teacher wrote: “Due to the high number of requests I’m sharing a few more artworks. This one is pretty minimalist, very modern. So I’ll give it a 6.5/10.” The post of teacher drew a lot of attention. Many praised the teacher for sharing it on the social forum and made many observations.

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“At least 3 of them put a smile on your face even when you’re wearing a mask,” wrote one user. Another explained: “You draw it much better than I could have done… Last year I drew a mango for my nephew and my aunt couldn’t recognize the fruit.”

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