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The magic of fiber optic internet is coming to rural communities soon, courtesy of Swift Underground.

The Steinbach-based construction company, co-led by Evan Schroeder, was founded in 2021 after Xplornet, now Xplore Inc., purchased Swift High Speed; a change that served to improve their service and solidify their reputation.

“With fiber optics, we’re bringing true high-speed rural internet to the communities closest to us,” explains Schroeder. “It has been a little over a year since Xplore Inc. acquired Swift High Speed, our internet service provider company, and acquired Swift Underground, our new fiber optic build company and Xplore internet retailer, doing the same work, that we did before – all the installations and repairs.”

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Schroeder explains that the company changed its name from Swift High-Speed ​​to Swift Underground to more accurately represent most of the work it does with fiber – to connect more people in rural communities to underground services that aren’t as vulnerable for interruptions are in weather events.

“The weather was tough this year,” admits Schroeder. “Part of it left a lot of marks where we did our work. Our teams clean this up quickly, but working underground is a process! Therefore, we are very excited to partner with Xplore Inc. to provide access to proper fiber optic services to people living in the country.”

According to Schroeder, the Xplore Fiber service starts at $69.99 per month.

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“You really couldn’t ask for a better price for insane speed compared to the wireless networks we’ve had before. Xplore Inc. enables rural customers to access fiber at the same speeds and prices they would pay in the city!”

He adds that the speed and capacity of fiber is significantly higher than other options.

“Fixed wireless has traditionally had download speeds of up to 50 megabits per second. The fiber optic platform starts at 100 megabits and goes up to one gigabit, which is 1000 megabits. We’re happy that it’s more stable and therefore doesn’t adapt to any weather conditions that may arise – and this year we’ve had an unreal number of weather and storm issues given how wet it has been. Fiber optic is much more stable in providing this service to our customers in the country.”

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Schroeder says they’re pleased to still have the same employees on site doing the work. So when their customers need service, the trusted Swift Underground crew will arrive.

“You will recognize our faces, you will recognize our trucks, and we will be the ones to have your service installed or repaired.”

If you live in a rural area and want to connect to high-speed fiber optic internet at affordable rates, visit https://swiftunderground.com/internet or call 204-846-7984.

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