Sky TV’s new set-top box – when you can get it, how much it will cost

Sky TV has revealed more details – and what it will cost – for the new box, which will replace their decades-old decoders.

However, the new Sky Box, which supports third-party apps like Netflix, Prime Video from Amazon and Disney+ (at a separate cost), and 4K ultra-high-definition video, will come with an upfront fee of $200 (or an option from $10 per month) delivered.

Those upgrading from the soon-to-be-closed Vodafone TV can get a cheaper “Sky Pod” for $100 upfront.

Unlike the new Sky Box, which will come with 1 terabyte of storage (or about five times that of today’s decoders), the pod won’t have one, instead offering 72 hours of on-demand streams of the latest programming.

The new Sky Box is advertised as a “hybrid”. It will require a key for Sky’s regular channels but will deliver apps over broadband.

The Sky Pod, which will be available for Vodafone TV subscribers for $100 in advance.

The Sky Pod, which will be available for Vodafone TV subscribers for $100 in advance.

The new Sky box can also record five shows at once – but you’ll have to pay a MySky fee of $15 a month for the privilege.

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A Sky spokeswoman would only say that there will be “a number of special offers” for long-term customers.

Source / Heaven

Source / Heaven

If you want to stick with your current decoder, you can.

The pod will offer Sky channels over UFB fiber (see full feature table below).

Sky subscribers looking to drop their dish can’t buy the pod, at least for now.

The first broadcast is reserved for Vodafone TV customers, the broadcaster can expand its offer later.

It wasn’t immediately revealed when Sky TV plans to start airing some content or offer its Spark Sport Now or Neon services in 4K (which the major streaming services already support). 4K offers up to four times better picture quality than the high-definition standard of today’s decoders – as long as content is recorded and broadcast in 4K and you have a 4K TV.

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The downside: 4K recordings take up four times as much storage space.

Spark Sport is on a list of supported apps, but a Sky spokeswoman said both the new Sky box and pod will support any app available through Google’s Play Store – including the telco’s app.

Sky originally planned to launch its new box in mid-year but has been hit by supply chain issues related to pandemics and the war in Ukraine.

The company updated this morning: “As shares [of the new Sky box] In the early stages of our rollout (which will start before Christmas), we are prioritizing offers for existing Sky customers before making them available to new customers.”

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A spokesman said the number of Vodafone TV customers who would be sent the pod offer was “commercially confidential”.

The company previously said there were around 100,000 users of Vodafone TV, which offered Sky channels through a wholesale deal, as well as multiple apps.

Vodafone TV was recently granted a stay of execution until November 30 over the delays at Sky Box.

About 40,000 Vodafone customers are eligible for refunds ranging from $75 to $179, depending on when they bought their device.

The new Sky Box and Sky Pod will arrive as Freeview shuts down its OnDemand service – a move marked after TVNZ withdrew support.

Freeview OnDemand will close later this year at an undisclosed point.

Sky shares closed at $2.20 yesterday. The share rose by 8.9 percent over the course of the year.

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