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NASHVILLE, TN, September 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. (OTC PINK: SMEV): Nitro Holdings LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of SMEV, has received an exemption for 20,000 poultry per year, allowing them to fully ramp up their production of Cornish cross chickens and other poultry products . Having passed inspections in the first week of September 2022, we are now ready to ramp up production of our poultry products and sell our products throughout North Carolina. As we mentioned earlier, Cornish Cross Chickens are a hybrid chicken derived from Cornish chickens and White Rock chickens. They grow faster than many other chicken breeds and their size makes them ideal for broilers. These fast-growing chickens go from chick to adult (5-8 pounds) in just 6-9 weeks, allowing us to turn stock faster.

Because our chickens are pasture-raised and only feed on grain and grass, we use mobile feeders, so-called chicken tractors, which hold back smaller flocks of chickens while they can eat on the pasture. In order to accommodate the larger amount of chickens that we will now be raising, we have added several additional new chicken tractors that are built out of PVC pipes instead of wood like our original ones were. The material change allows for easier moving of the tractors to a new location and improves our overall efficiency. We are now equipped to feed up to 600 birds in the field at the same time and all tractors are at full capacity and in the fields at this time.

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We also have 200 new chicks in the breeding tanks that will feed on grain until they are big enough to move to the fields.

Our first adult chickens will be on the market by the time you read this, with 60% of our current stock already pre-sold at just $3 a pound. Like our crayfish, we have received a lot of interest and feedback for our chickens.

The new license will also allow us to purchase our chicks and other supplies in bulk which will significantly reduce our operating costs which in turn will increase our profits on all our poultry products.

To further expand our poultry product line, we have added egg-laying chickens to our flocks. They are raised naturally, just like our Cornish Cross chickens. The first 100 laying hens should produce eggs by the end of the year and then go to market. We have pre-sold over 25% of them at this point.

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We are also further diversifying our product range by adding turkeys. Like all our other poultry, our turkeys are completely naturally fed and raised on grains and grasses. Our first 30 are progressing well and are all pre-sold! We expect that another 50-100 chicks (baby turkeys) will be delivered to us in the next few weeks.

We continue to prepare for next year’s crayfish harvest. We have a pond completely finished and filled with water. We have also cleaned and planted three more ponds with sorghum and will be filling these over the next few weeks. The remaining three ponds are being prepared for planting. We are expecting an enormous harvest in the coming season, which will start in less than 6 months. With all the right planning and preparation we do leading up to next season, we expect a great crawfish season in 2023!

We continue to look for larger buyers and other farms to work with us to expand the locally grown produce of this area.

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Nitro Holdings, LLC is an aquaculture based company focused on agriculture and logistics with interest in expanding into hydroponics and aquaponics. We plan to have our own state of the art recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) with expansion to indoor growout facilities. We are actively looking for JV partners and acquisitions in the aquaculture space.

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