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As our weather becomes more extreme and deadly, should the environment be a major political issue for Christians in the upcoming presidential campaign?

Guilherme de Carvalho: Environmental issues should be among the priority agendas of contemporary Christianity alongside the anti-abortion agenda, the fight against corruption, basic civil liberties and employment. For me it’s one of the tiebreakers.

Iza Vicente: Issues such as climate change, disaster risk reduction, forest protection, alternative energies and climate justice must be fundamental in the environmental debate. Given our role in nurturing creation, environmental degradation violates the lives we are called to live and deepens humanity’s precarious existence.

Target Machado: The Bible does not begin with Genesis 3, but with Genesis 1. God has given us responsibility for creation; We have a creative mandate. The truth is that there is a fragile theology of creation in the evangelical world. We must not forget that the mission to salvation has not abolished the mission to culture. We still have the responsibility to care for creation, to watch over it as stewards of that creation.

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The environmental agenda is a priority for any serious government project dealing with issues of the future, of the next generations. A government proposal that disregards the environment is not the proposal of an official, but of a person who only cares about being elected. Without concern for the environment, what future can we expect for the nation?

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Jacira Monteiro: Of course, environmental issues should be an important issue for Christians when choosing a candidate! The cultural mandate (Genesis 1:28) prescribes a harmonious care of your creation. How to enroll O Estigma da Cor (The stigma of color), “Any government and management that does not care about sustainability, about the environment, violates what the Lord has commanded in His word of diligent care for created nature.”

We are living through an environmental crisis, and as agents of the Lord we are called to care for His creation. So we must encourage public officials to share this concern.

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Richard Barbosa: Yes, that is one of the important issues. However, the environment is just as important as the other issues. We as Christians need to better develop our theology of creation and understand our role in relation to the cultural commission. But the environment has become a complex, ideological agenda with confusing narratives that often idolize nature and demonize humans. That’s a problem.

We must also look for reliable information and data that reflects reality in order not to be swallowed up by the conflicting narratives of environmental activist groups.

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