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The facility management market in Saudi Arabia was valued at USD 23.30 billion in 2021 and is expected to generate robust growth at a CAGR of 6.97% over the forecast period due to the focus on outsourcing, the fast-growing market for the Internet of Things (IoT) and technology lies integration etc.

Increasing attention to sustainability

To ensure the country’s long-term development, Saudi Arabia has started promoting green solutions to reduce energy consumption and limit greenhouse gas emissions. Saudi Arabia wants to promote the construction of green structures. Green building is the practice of constructing a structure that utilizes resource and environmentally friendly practices at every stage of its life cycle, including construction, use, maintenance, repair and demolition.

The Saudi Arabian government has contributed significantly to the nationwide green building culture. Green building projects with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification have been registered in Saudi Arabia. With the help of facility management experts, the smart building solutions that the LEED certification expressly requires in the project design should be easy to implement.

In addition, the development of compliance usually requires the use of qualified and experienced managers. For this reason, large corporations prefer to have their properties managed and maintained by facility management companies. The facility management market is expected to grow due to these anticipated changes.

Growing attention to outsourcing

Due to the growing competition in the corporate sector and the desire to focus on core competencies, there is a lot of interest in outsourced facility management services to support the national facility management industry. The cost of commercial space, the lifespan of equipment and equipment, energy consumption, technical maintenance and other areas are just some of the benefits of outsourcing. Consequently, there is a greater need for facility management services. This trend is also being driven by the demand for better workplace experiences and reduced operational costs.

The Booming Market for the Internet of Things (IoT)

The term “Internet of Things” (IoT) refers to a vast ecosystem where connected devices and services collect, exchange and process data to adapt and change lifestyles. Deeply rooted in the IoT, cyber-physical systems strengthen intelligent infrastructure by improving service delivery. IoT-powered intelligent infrastructure has various advantages that result in high cost and efficiency savings. These data-driven strategies, supported by network connections and connected devices, are expected to grow in popularity in the facility management industry.

Facility management in building design integration

Building design in Saudi Arabia is increasingly taking facilities management into account, allowing architects to create uncomplicated structures that are easy to maintain over time. At the beginning of the design process, facility managers are invited to provide input on lifecycle cost estimates, landscaping, alarm and fire protection systems, and best practices for use of the project area.

When planning a building, facility management aims to reduce the total cost of these services throughout the building. Additionally, facility management integration supports seamless organization by helping owners manage and control the facility with the least amount of disruption. Consequently, the overall lifespan of the building will be extended and the building management market in Saudi Arabia will grow.

market segmentation

Saudi Arabia Facility Management Market, by Service:

  • Property

  • cleaning

  • security

  • Support

  • gastronomy

  • Other

Saudi Arabia Facility Management Market by Type:

  • soft services

  • hard services

  • By soft services (cleaning services, security services, health protection and waste management services, catering services, others)

  • After hard services (preventive maintenance, mechanical, electrical and plumbing, structural maintenance, HVAC and facilities management, others)

Saudi Arabia Facility Management Market by Industry Segments:

Saudi Arabia Facility Management Market, by End User:

  • Commercially

  • residential

  • public sector

  • Industrial

Saudi Arabia Facility Management Market by Sectors:

  • Housing

  • hospitality

  • property

  • healthcare

  • education

  • banking

  • Other

Main topics covered:

1. Service Overview

2. Research methodology

3. Summary

4. Impact of COVID-19 on Facility Management Market in Saudi Arabia

5. Voice of the customer

6. Overview of Facility Management Market in Saudi Arabia

7. Overview of Saudi Arabia Property Facility Management Market

8. Overview of Purification Facility Management Market in Saudi Arabia

9. Saudi Arabia Security Facility Management Market Overview

10. Saudi Arabia Support Facility Management Market Overview

11. Overview of the Catering Facility Management Market in Saudi Arabia

12. Riyadh Facility Management Market Overview

13. Contract and Pricing Mechanism

14. Price Point Analysis (Cost of Expense in Saudi Arabia)

15. Market Dynamics

16. Market Trends and Developments

17. Political and regulatory landscape

18. Economic Profile of Saudi Arabia

19. Facility management market in Saudi Arabia, upcoming mega projects drive growth

20. Riyadh facility management market, upcoming mega projects drive growth

21. Cost breakdown of major projects in Saudi Arabia

22. Facility management value chain

23. Overview of Demand vs. Supply Gap

24. Main problems for customers and facility management companies

25. Saudi Arabia Facility Management Market, Major Players

26. Third party human resources for facility management projects

27. Saudi Arabia Facility Management Market, Major Players

28. Main customers of leading companies

29. List of international facilities management companies

30. Benchmarking of the key players in facility management

31. Company Profiles

32. Strategic Recommendations

33. About the Publisher & Disclaimer

companies mentioned

  • Saudi EMCOR Company Ltd (EFS Facility Management)

  • Muheel Services for Maintenance & Operations LLC

  • Khidmah LLC

  • Enova Facility Management Services LLC

  • Operation and maintenance of the Saudi Binladin Group

  • Musanadah Facility Management Co. LTD

  • Al Mahmal Facilities Services

  • Al Khozama Facility Management Services

  • Five Moons Company Ltd

  • Takamul AlOula Facility Management

  • Al Borj Facility Management

  • Sodexo Saudi Arabia LLC

  • Jones Lang LaSalle Saudi Arabia Limited

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