Samsung QN900B Review: The Best

Nobody needs one 8K TV in 2022. The vast majority of us don’t even watch 4K resolution content all the time, unless you pay for enhanced streaming (and even then, the bitrate compared to an HD Blu -ray disc bad). Most high-quality 8K content on the web is just demo videos.

The reason you buy a TV like the Samsung QN900B – the company’s 8K LED flagship for 2022 – is to do absolutely positive that your neighbor has nothing nicer in the living room. After a few weeks of having it installed in mine, I’m pretty sure you won’t find a better screen in your neighborhood, no matter how many gates and gold toilets there are.

You’ll have a hard time pushing the TV as hard as possible with the content currently available, but that’s not really the point. It’s so overwhelmed that it doesn’t care what you feed it. The QN900B has beautiful colors, excellent workmanship and an elegant design. If you’re tired of keeping up with the Joneses and want to go Indiana, this is the model to buy.

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Stand upright

The first thing I love about the QN900B is the center pedestal mount. I’ve asked more TV manufacturers to use this design and I’m glad Samsung is using it here. The bezels around the TV are thin, and the overall design feels sturdy and was easy to assemble.

Photo: Samsung

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A small one-connect box sits on the back of the mount and provides power and HDMI signal to the TV, but allows for flat mounting on the wall without the hassle of multiple cable runs – a nice touch. You also get Samsung’s sleek, solar-powered remote control, so you’ll never have to rummage through a drawer for AAA batteries again.

The TV has perforated edges on the outside, presumably to dissipate heat, and they add a very professional feel that helps set it apart from cheaper models – something the buyer of this TV is likely to want for all that extra cash.

The main reason to buy a TV with so many pixels is the processing. 8K TVs can upscale and manipulate any image you feed them into near-window-like clarity. Several times while looking at this quantum dot mini LED enabled TV I felt like I could literally stick my head through the screen and into the scene behind it.

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Various neural processors and advanced display technology come together inside the QN900B, with the TV delivering insane color accuracy, amazing highlights and ultra-smooth movement when watching sports.

Sit pretty

Photo: Samsung

Watched my usual weekend Formula 1 race with friends on this thing and the group commented on how beautiful the red Ferrari and silver Mercedes looked as it flew through Belgium. Green field sports also look fantastic, with processing typifying what you’re seeing and allowing for crystal clear action.

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