Rothwell paedophile fails in bid to overturn order restricting internet use

London Royal Courts of Justice.  Photo credit: Getty
London Royal Courts of Justice. Photo credit: Getty

A pervert who asked a “12-year-old girl” for nude pictures has failed in his bid to overturn an injunction restricting his internet use.

In addition to a prison sentence, the 29-year-old received a Prevention of Sexual Harm Order (SHPO) restricting the use of devices connected to the internet and contact with children for 10 years.

Yesterday (Thursday) London’s Royal Courts of Justice heard an appeal in which Bishop’s solicitor Pree Brada argued that no SHPO was required and that his terms were disproportionate.

The court also heard that Bishop would have a hard time adhering to it due to Bishop’s learning difficulties as it was phrased in words he could not understand.

Appeals judges Lady Justice Simler, Mr Justice Griffiths and Mr Justice Pepperall ruled that Recorder John Benson QC was entitled to do the SHPO at the original hearing because Bishop was at risk of reoffending – but replaced it with simpler language .

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In delivering the verdict, Judge Griffiths said, “The risk needed to be addressed and the relatively short sentence was not enough to do that.”

Northampton Crown Court previously heard that Bishop, 29, had previously been investigated for sending sexual messages to Facebook profiles of young girls, including one saying she was only 12.

He was originally arrested on April 13 over an unrelated matter and asked to give his cellphone to police, but refused, saying “I’ve done bad things.”

Bishop first contacted a profile for “Rosie” who said she was 12 and said she was cute and if she was older he would “ask her out”.

Bishop, who appeared via a video link from HMP Peterborough, promised they would meet before the messages got more sexual. He sent her a suggestive picture of himself and asked for nude pictures of her in return.

The next day he wrote “Stacy,” whom he mistook for another underage girl. He asked if she would send nude pics and sent a topless pic of himself in his room.

Mr Judge Griffiths said: “The parole officer felt he probably would have tried to meet the victims if they had been real.”

He added, “This was not a one-off or uncharacteristic insult, but part of an established pattern of sexual behavior.”

The court also heard Bishop had mental health issues, a personality disorder, ADHD, and lifelong DiGeorge Syndrome. A psychiatrist had concerns about his ability to comply with a SHPO.

Ms Brada said reports showed Bishop’s “yes” replies when asked if he understood things – like the terms of the SHPO – were not reliable as he tended to agree with what he was told.

The appellate judges urged those who issued the orders to consider whether the defendants could repeat the meaning to them.

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