Returning: Under Investigation with Liz Hayes

examined returns to Nine for its third season on Monday, starring host Liz Hayes.

examined continues to spark Australians’ curiosity about crime, but more importantly, the program uncovers new evidence and attempts to provide answers to unsolved crimes,” says Hayes.

“Joining the best criminal minds in the nation, it is a privilege to be able to investigate so many unsolved mysteries, new and old, and particularly to give a voice to victims’ families who need to be heard. Our goal is to leave no stone unturned.”

Mysterious crimes that have baffled police for years are investigated by Liz Hayes and her new teams of experts. Viewers will be there for every twist and turn as long-hidden evidence is uncovered and new witnesses have their say.

As Hayes gathers her experts at the Under Investigation War Table, the first of eight intriguing case files is opened: the top cop whose knowledge may have killed him. South Australian Detective Inspector Geoff “Whit” Whitford is said to have committed suicide on a remote beach. But this celebrated officer and loving father apparently had little reason to commit suicide. However, he was the head of an ultra-secret task force and had uncovered evidence of corruption at the highest levels of the police force. With exclusive access to a classified police file and new evidence provided by Whit’s daughter and former police officer Amanda Schultz, Under Investigation uncovers a compelling case for a possible murder. The motif? Geoff Whitford knew too much. Demands for an independent inquiry are now being made in the South Australian Parliament.

In the second major investigation, Hayes and her team of experts investigate the mysteries of the dark and deadly Flinders Highway in central Queensland. There have been 11 unsolved deaths and disappearances along this 800km stretch of bitumen. One was 21-year-old Tony Jones, who was hitchhiking between Townsville and Mount Isa as part of his “journey of a lifetime.” After a last call to his girlfriend, Tony disappeared somewhere along the highway. Mark Jones, Tony’s brother, has waged a 40-year campaign to find the person he believes killed his brother. He joins the Under Investigation War Table when Tony Jones’ final moments are revealed.

Under Investigation’s case files span Melbourne’s extraordinary “Slug Gate” saga, the healthcare scandal that destroyed a $45 million family business; and Perth’s high-profile, politically-backed religious group, The Esther Foundation, where instead of rehabilitation and treatment, residents claim they have been subjected to abuse and terror. Esther received millions of dollars in public grants and support from former Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Under Investigation also conducts an in-depth investigation into Sydney’s bloody gang war, which features brawls, car shootouts, kidnappings and brazen assassinations in broad daylight.

Monday 26 September at 8.45pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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