‘Rest in Heaven 2PAC’: Internet Is Trolling Will Smith’s Wife Jada Smith On Her 51st Birthday As Jada’s Fans Fight Back

Birthdays are there to be cherished by those close to you, to be reminded by the world, or at least the few people in it that you actually know, that you are loved. The whole concept becomes difficult when you’re universally hated. Jada Smith turned 51 today, and as she’s arguably one of the most disliked people in Hollywood right now, Twitter wasn’t too pleased to wish the actress a happy birthday.

You’d think trolls would take a break on someone’s birthday, but the Twitterati turned on their hilarious side and did what they do best. trolls.

Twitter trolls Jada Smith on her birthday
Twitter trolls Jada Smith on her birthday

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Jada Smith isn’t exactly the crowd pleaser

Jada Smith cannot be called a popular name. Known for starring in films like the matrix, Mrs. Smith became a topic of discussion back in 2020 when she revealed on an episode of her talk show red table talk, with her husband Will Smith that she was having an affair with R&B singer August Alsina. Since then, it’s safe to assume that the masses were brutal in their description and image of her, and feel pity for Will Smith, who appears to have been cheated on by his wife.


However, that was nothing compared to the 2022 Academy Awards controversy, which sparked universal meme-fest. Comedian Chris Rock made a GI Jane joke in which he alluded to Jada Smith’s baldness. Little did Rock know that the balding was due to a disease, alopecia. Mrs. Smith rolled her eyes, however, and Mr. Smith took to the stage, hit Rock, and yelled the infamous line: “Keep my wife’s name out of your damn mouth.”

Jada Smith at the 2022 Oscars
Jada Smith’s reaction to Chris Rock’s joke at the 2022 Oscars

The Smith family name has never quite recovered since that incident. But the most remarkable thing about the whole debacle was that while some found forgiveness for Will Smith in their hearts, Jada Smith seemed beyond salvation. Everyone thinks that Will Smith is just an innocent man controlled by Jada’s whims and incitements.

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Twitter brutally wishes happy birthday

Jada Pinkett Smith trolled on her birthday
Jada Pinkett Smith better not check her social media today

Jada Smith’s history with rapper Tupac Shakur is no secret. They were reportedly best friends, but even Will Smith expressed he was intimidated by their closeness. Shakur died in a tragic gunfight at a fairly young age in 1996, but Jada Smith has always been vocal about how she still cares about him as much as ever.

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New York Post apparently fueled some fires when they wished Jada Smith a happy birthday by placing a picture of her with 2Pac right below a family picture. Many who enjoyed both the birthday post and the Shakur picture did not miss the detail.

Several users were simply disgusted by the post, expressing how they felt there was no need to celebrate a person like Jada Smith.

Several users also questioned her caliber as an actress.

Some users couldn’t resist and chimed in on the GI Jane joke.

While some fans simply expressed their dislike for the actress as a person and as a wife.

However, it wasn’t all bad for Mrs. Smith, with some fans wishing her a happy birthday.

No one can tell if Jada Smith is actually scrolling through Twitter on her birthday, but given her general public reception, it might be better if she kept social media usage in check today to avoid a somber mood.

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