Over 3 million farewell Queen Elizabeth

• Queen Elizabeth’s funeral dominates global television
• Amazing race and HYBPA? lift the spirits for 10

Total TV Ratings, September 12

The block led the night with a crowd of 1,391,000 as teams were challenged to refurbish Tim and Tylers house – two young men who are roommates with special needs. The episode increased by 34%.

On Farmer is looking for a wife, a farmer sent home a potential partner after being caught in a lie, while two other partners left the show. With a 33% increase, the episode attracted 1,061,000 viewers. home and away was close behind, up 18% for an audience of 1,012,000.

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Did you pay attention? Continued to be a weekly highlight for 10, up 29% from a total audience of 970,000. The amazing race picked up 653,000 across Turkey, an increase of 37%.

TV Ratings Overnight, September 19th

Primetime News
Seven messages 823,000
Nine messages 746,000
ABC News 528,000
10 News First 247,000 (5:00 p.m.)/ 181,000 (6:00 p.m.)
SBS World News 109,000 (6:30 p.m.) 79,000 (7:00 p.m.)

daily news
The Project 187,000 (18:30)/217,000 (19:00)

breakfast tv
Sunrise 225,000
Today 203,000
News Breakfast 171,000

Monday night was one of those rare events where all Australian television channels are on the same page in terms of content. The funeral of Queen Elizabeth the second dominated global television and was broadcast in Australia on all networks including Sky News.

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At the top was Seven with a primary share of 26.5% and a network share of 30.2%. The top multichannel was ABC News with a share of 8.7%.

The subway overnight ratings for each channel’s funeral coverage were:

channel seven
The grateful farewell: 975,000
The Grateful Farewell (Night): 975,000

channel nine
The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II: 879,000
The Funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II (Arrivals): 852,000
The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II (procession): 832,000
The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II (delayed procession): 332,000

ABC TV: The State Funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II (Evening): 708,000
ABC TV: The State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II (Late): 428,000
ABC News: The State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II (Evening): 362,000

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Sky news
The Queen’s funeral: 188,000

Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral: 104,000

Across all channels (including Sky News), viewership of the funeral totals 3,584,000, even across the subway and regional channels.

Channel 10 was the only one to keep its regular programming for the evening, with the funeral playing on 10 Bold. The project (187.000 18:30 / 217.000 19:00) crossed Lisa Wilkinson and Lucy McDonald in the UK when the funeral began and covered the return of the AFL Grand Final to Melbourne. The amazing race previously brought 185,000 to Medellin, Colombia Did you pay attention? lifted the mood for 324,000 spectators.

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