No Sign of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2’s Grand Prix Map on the Internet?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 comes on the shelves October 28, 2022and the fans love it. season 1 for Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer starts on November 16, 2022, and it will be packed with content. Speaking of multiplayer, there doesn’t seem to be a trace of Modern Warfare 2 Grand Prix card anywhere on the internet. It appears Activision and Infinity Ward Cleaned up all traces of the upcoming map, so what’s up?

No sign of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Grand Pix Map

Call of Duty fans across the internet are concerned that Infinity Ward may have clipped the latest map from Modern warfare 2, Grand Prix completely out of the game. Fans were outraged when Infinity Ward removed all traces of the Grand Prix map from social media.

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It was before the start of the current one closed beta that Infinity Ward stated that players could check out the upcoming Grand Prix map that was set to be released for the game. For unknown reasons, that hasn’t been the case until now, as players have reported that the Grand Prix map is missing from the game’s closed beta, and what’s even more unusual is that Infinity Ward hasn’t commented on where the map is located .

So what will be the fate of the announced card? CharlieIntel at Twitter reported that Infinity Ward has deleted almost all posts and mentions of the Grand Prix map from all of its social media handles. The company went so far as to remove all tweets mentioning it, as well as the trailers that featured the highly anticipated map. The absence of the card combined with Infinity Ward removing all traces of it suggests that the card has been removed from the game.

Fans have speculated as to why the card was removed and possibly for copyright reasons. Reset Era user ASleepingMonkey stated that the map is a one-to-one replica of one F1 Circuit found in Singapore. It is possible that the track owners and the club hosting an upcoming race on the same track do not want Call of Duty players to run up and down a track designed for racing and shoot at each other.

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As for other Call of Duty news, the series is currently in the midst of a controversial matter between Sony and Microsoft. Sony argues that the title shouldn’t be made exclusively for them Xbox platform despite the fact that Microsoft is in the middle of purchasing Activision Blizzard and the rights to its many IPs for almost $70 billion earlier this year.

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This is on top of all the controversies surrounding the series and its publisher, Activision Blizzard, as the company has been involved in many hot potato issues since last July, when it was reported that the company had created an atmosphere and culture of workplace abuse .

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