Mother shows how her crying baby triggers Apple watch warnings for ‘Loud Environment’. Parents can relate

One of the hardest things about raising a toddler is dealing with their constant crying. Aside from janitors, even wearables seem to be noticing this high noise caused by crying babies. What makes notifications of such alerts funny, however, is that the technology doesn’t take into account the context in which the noise is generated.

On September 18, Kelsey Farish (@KelseyFarish), an intellectual property attorney, shared a picture of her Apple Watch showing a “Noisy environment” alert against the backdrop of her crying baby Hugo.

The notification on their Apple Noise app read: “Noisy environment: The sound level reached 90 decibels. About 30 minutes at this volume can trigger temporary hearing loss.” While tweeting the now-viral image, Farish wrote, “Thanks for the push notification Siri – just what I needed at that moment.”

According to that Centers for Disease Control and PreventionContinuous exposure to noise above 70dB can cause hearing damage and noise above 120dB can cause immediate hearing damage.

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In another tweet, Farish wrote, “90db things: lawnmowers, blenders, power tools, Hugo waking up from a nap and SUDDENLY REALIZING HE IS SO HUNGRYYYYYAAAAAHHHHHHH.”

Farish’s tweet prompted other parents to reveal how they receive similar noise alerts from their devices due to their young children’s loud crying.

One Twitter user wrote: “It amazes me babies don’t hurt their own ears in the process.” Another person said: “I’m a groomer and got the same notification when I was blow drying a husky. I think we’re being mocked lol”.

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