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“Guam is my home and I want to contribute to its survival for centuries to come,” said Miwa Gudmundsen, a senior at St. John’s School.

Born and raised on Guam, Gudmundsen is grateful for the CHamoru spirit and love that nurtured them. She hopes to give back to the community by becoming an engineer and practicing sustainability on the island.

Miwa Gudmundsen values ​​the environment

Miwa Gudmundsen.

Last year, she used her love for the environment to spread environmental awareness. “I love the Vibe program and I love sharing issues facing our environment,” she said.

Her previous experiences with Vibe prompted her to continue her mission this year. “I think spreading awareness is an essential part of problem solving. As I write these articles, I become aware of such issues and want to do something about them.”

She intends to write stories about scientists on Guam and around the world trying to find solutions to environmental problems.

With the Vibe program, Gudmundsen strives to be a good teammate to her colleagues. “I hope to contribute to conversations with my vibesters and bond with everyone in the program,” she said.

Japanese club

Gudmundsen is also heavily involved with her school’s Japanese club. “I love it so much and hope to spread more Japanese culture around the island with my colleagues this year.”

Planned activities include donating 1,000 cranes, helping out with the Lantern Festival, beach clean-ups, and hosting a “Matsuri Night” (a festival with various foods and games for the students).

She most enjoys working with her club members. “The group has such a positive attitude and it shows through various activities. They really motivate me to do more and try to have as much fun as possible!”

Gudmundsen loves the Japanese club because it reminds her of her grandmother. “Whenever I do Japanese activities, I feel like I’m closer to her,” she said. Her grandmother is her inspiration for everything she does in life. “She was the most beautiful, strongest and bravest person I knew,” she said.

Osamu Tezuka is another of Gudmundsen’s inspirations. He publishes comics about medicine and biology for children. “His work is always so interesting and fun to read. I admire Tezuka and hope that one day I can influence others as positively as he does,” she said.

Gudmundsen is a big fan of Tezuka because he was one of the first to revolutionize the manga by making it a longer format and incorporating adult themes. “People usually think manga stories are unrefined or something, but I don’t think that’s true,” she said. “Tezuka’s works, sometimes funny and light, can have concepts and dialogue that hit hard.”

Gudmundsen also appreciates Tezuka’s unique characters. “They have emotions and thoughts that are clearly expressed in their actions. When artists like Tezuka put so much time and effort into his characters, we can relate more to the story and see ourselves and our situation in a new light,” she said. Other books she enjoys reading are detective stories by Agatha Christie and marine biology books.

senior year

For senior year, Gudmundsen wants to spend time with her friends and go to the beach as much as possible. “I don’t even realize how lucky I am to live on this beautiful island, so I want to enjoy the warmth and sun before I go to the States for college,” she said.

She plans to return to Guam in the future and fulfill her dream of taking care of the island’s environment. “I want to campaign for legislation to be passed for sustainable practices on the island. I hope that as an engineer I will improve the planet,” she said.

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