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The Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. (Metrobank) has further strengthened its financial literacy initiative with the launch monetary abilityan e-book to help Filipinos be financially resilient.

Metrobank Chief Marketing Officer Digs Dimagiba introduces Moneybility, a groundbreaking, comprehensive and dynamic in-country financial literacy e-book and platform developed by Metrobank to help make Filipinos more financially resilient.

At an event, Metrobank gave a little taste monetary ability, a groundbreaking, comprehensive and dynamic e-book and platform for financial education in the country. This is one of Metrobank’s initiatives to fulfill its commitment to be the bank that educates.

monetary ability is no ordinary financial education book or e-book. It has a collection of money management themes that will be updated as market conditions change. It also has multimedia and interactive features and tools such as quizzes, money trackers and calculators that make various topics related to money more understandable and understandable. This new financial education platform comes in handy for individuals who want to start developing smart money habits related to budgeting, debt management, insurance, investing and more. Moneybility is currently available for signup at

“We want to go beyond the usual banking services and be a credible and reliable partner for competent financial advice for our customers. With education as our driving force, we hope to meet their needs while empowering them to sustain a financially resilient way of life,” he said Metrobank Chief Marketing Officer Digs Dimagiba.

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“This commitment to promoting financial literacy among Filipinos, wherever they are on their financial journey, is consistent with our promise to keep people in ‘good hands’. Armed with our decades of experience and wisdom in banking and finance, Metrobank hopes to be the go-to place for financial literacy through our suite of learning tools and initiatives, starting with our flagship financial education tool, monetary ability,” added Dimagiba.

As Metrobank celebrates its six decades of service to Filipinos, it has understood the positive impact of financial literacy in shaping a financially inclusive nation.

According to a 2016 Standard & Poor’s global FinLit survey, a country’s financial literacy correlates directly with its economic development. In the case of the Philippines, only 25% of Filipinos have financial literacy, lagging behind other ASEAN countries according to the World Bank’s 2014 Financial Capability Survey. However, the pandemic has pushed more Filipinos to show interest in personal finance. This has been complemented by the rise of money-related topics by various financial firms, as well as content creators on social media platforms.

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Metrobank has introduced various financial education tools over the years. For those who are already familiar with basic financial concepts and want to make investments, Earnest is the right tool. Earnest is a learning and investing platform with easy-to-follow lesson cards, digestible financial news, and simple investing explanations. It also offers Metrobank facility of my choice Funds for as little as PHP 1,000 and allows opening a Metrobank Savings Account. Users can go to website or download the app on Play Store and App Store.

In addition, the bank also rolled out Tara Investa series of bite-sized social media explainer videos on the fundamentals of investing.

Meanwhile, Metrobank has created an online portal called Wealth Insights for wealthy customers. Through Wealth Insights, the bank’s financial professionals, as well as independent third-party research providers such as CreditSights – a global provider of investment research reports – are free to share timely and relevant investment ideas, thoughtful wealth management perspectives and curated market-moving news. Visit for more investment tips.

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When it comes to personal finance, Metrobank has MoneyBasics, a collection of simple and creative articles and social media posts to help people build their savings habits. To educate Filipinos about the dangers of financial fraud and how to prevent it, Metrobank has developed Fight Fraud, a series of fraud awareness content that will be shared on social media and the bank’s website. Metrobank, along with other local banks, also launched an industry-wide initiative called – an online source website focused on fraud prevention.

“Money management is not a one-size-fits-all solution, so we have a number of financial education initiatives that can provide the right guidance for any Filipino. At the end of the day, we imagine that we are all financially resilient. That means we can face any financial challenge at any point in our financial journey,” he said Dimagiba.



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