Marvel’s Chris Pratt addresses future of TV show The Terminal List

Marvel star Chris Pratt has opened up about the future of his Prime Video series The terminal list.

Although the streaming platform is yet to announce an extension, the Guardians of the Galaxy The actor has suggested Lieutenant Commander James Reece will be back.

“To the rabid fans of The terminal list You don’t have to worry out there,” he said meeting. “We love you and appreciate your support. It is our life’s work to make sure you can return to the well. We’re working on it.”

Chris Pratt, the terminal list

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Jack Carr, who wrote the series of books the military drama is based on (more to come), added, “There could be some cool things to discuss on the horizon.”

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The terminal list follows James Reece (Pratt), a Navy SEAL who believes his platoon has been murdered and sets out to prove a conspiracy was at work.

Previously, Pratt opened up about his hopes for season two Digital Spy: “Well, Jack Carr has written five extraordinary books. He’s quite a prolific writer, and they all read the top of the new york times’ bestseller list. I think it would be fantastic to continue with that.”

Chris Pratt, the terminal list

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If season 2 gets the green light (which looks very hopeful) then it will likely be based on Carr’s second book in the series, true believerwhich executive producer David DiGilio says fans of the show should read.

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“We’re really lucky – Jack [Carr] writes at an incredibly fast pace, one novel a year. It’s a little faster than we can do the shows, so maybe he’s too far out. Just take a little break I’d say,” he said.

“But we’re really lucky and I would encourage anyone who loved the first season to check it out true believer. It’s an incredible read and a great blueprint for season two.”

All episodes of The terminal list are available now on Amazon Prime Video.

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