Marion County residents weigh in on internet service quality

Marion County residents submitted letters to express their thoughts on the quality of Internet service in the area.

“In reply to a letter from a Summerfield resident with slow internet: I’m literally the only house in my neighborhood that can’t get Spectrum. I called Spectrum before I signed the contract for my house to make sure I could get service and they said my address was workable. I closed my house and called to change internet from my previous address. No problem – the tech comes out and tells me it’s not serviceable, and the only way I’m ever going to make it serviceable is for me to pay almost $8,000 to have the line built. In the meantime, Spectrum switched my service to my new address and continued to bill me for a monthly service that I never had. They billed me for 9 months without ever being connected,” says Brenda Adkison of Ocklawaha.

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“If you’re in Summerfield, check out T-Mobile Internet. It’s cellular and costs $50/month. Speeds are sometimes in excess of 100 Mbps,” says Raymond Festino, resident of Ocala.

“I am writing to complain about the poor internet signal on the Northwest side of Ocala. Although still a bit rural, there are certainly enough of us here to guarantee the possibility of connecting to WiFi or any other service that allows us to have an affordable internet provider. While I have no doubt that my complaint is one of many, I know that strength is in numbers, so please add my complaint to the list,” says Jill Spero of Ocala.

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“I agree that the internet options in the Dunnellon area, especially the Hills Of Ocala area, are terrible. The only option we have is satellite and they will charge you a fortune while only using the service occasionally. With all the buildings being built in this area, I just can’t believe we can’t get some internet companies to come in and offer services. I know people would jump at the chance to get regular internet service. Please help us in this area,” says Mary Emerson, Dunnellon resident.

“I, too, agree with a recent letter from a Dunnellon resident. I live in the same area and internet is almost non-existent. Cell phone reception is also almost non-existent. Come on, Marion County, the year is 2022, not 1922. As much as we love the area, it’s getting to the point where we might be moving because our family doesn’t have the services we should have. With so many families moving to our state, you’d think Marion County would be ahead of the curve. Unfortunately, they’re not,” says Aimee Hausy of Ocala.

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