Man’s Story About Helping Elderly Couple On Their First Flight Moves Internet

The story of a man who helped an elderly couple on their first flight has moved the Internet

The internet is admirable with a good gesture.

Amitabh Shah, Chief Inspirational Officer at Yuva Unstoppable shared a heartwarming story on his Linkedin profile that won hearts online. Mr Shah helped a ‘foolish’ elderly couple who were flying for the first time. The couple found a friend in Mr. Shah. He not only showed them the way, but also sold them sandwiches during the flight.

Amitabh Shah was flying from Kanpur to Delhi when he saw an elderly couple from a remote village in Uttar Pradesh struggling at the airport. Mr. Shah shared that the couple had a long journey and they took a bus for eight hours to reach Delhi airport and then boarded a flight to Kanpur with Mr. Shah. “I saw them in a place I didn’t understand and for the first time I knew they were there and didn’t understand English. I walked up to them with a smile and just asked them to follow me. They thought I worked for an airline.” he wrote on Linkedin.

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The elderly woman then asked Mr. Shah to print a photo of her husband and herself and send it to her daughter. She wrote: “They sat across from me on the plane. My aunt asked me, ‘Can you take a picture of us and send it on Whatsapp to our daughter who has a phone – so she knows we’re safe?'” I took the picture and sent it.

Mr. Shah shared how he refused to eat even though he was hungry. He then did not tell them that he was paying for the food by buying paneer sandwiches and juice for both of them. “When Air host came to offer food, they refused, but they seemed hungry and thirsty for hours. I told the guests to give paneer sandwiches and juice and told them it was free because they were lucky customers who won free food. Of course, when they didn’t see I paid, and when we landed, they “smiled” at me and we went on our way.”

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“We should always be kind at every opportunity and believe me, opportunities to be kind are all around you, aren’t they,” concluded Mr. Shah.

The Internet loved the heartwarming story. A user wrote: “Appreciate the kind gesture, really commendable, being gentle and bringing joy to people. Another interesting fact that emerges from this story is that we should be proud that air travel is being experienced by all walks of life. The next generation should be encouraged to give the experience to their near and dear ones.” is happening. This is a clear indication that India is slowly and steadily moving towards an educated and income generating nation. After all India’s GDP is based on service sector who can deny majority? Thanks for your kind gesture which is really reassuring in various dimensions.” Another user wrote, “Awesome gesture .. Making the ‘Indians’ in India comfortable is the primary responsibility of each of us. Given the portrayal of the couple, they must certainly feel at home in their own country and among them.” My”. It’s our job not to let them feel any different.”

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A third commented, “Nice gesture.”

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