Man Pushing Purse Out of Reach and Kicking Woman Enrages Internet

The internet is furious after a viral video of a man pushing a woman’s purse out of her reach, trying to dance with her and then kicking her went viral.

On the popular video sharing platform TikTok, a woman named @taramckissick11 shared a video of another woman dancing and dropping her purse on the floor. A man comes and tries to dance with her, attacking her property and getting in her way.

“[Point of view]: your mom keeps asking why you’re single, but it’s a dating pool,” the woman wrote.

Many people were angry with the man in the comment section.

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“Do they flirt like that now,” one commenter asked.

“Okay, but why did you get kicked 3 times like you didn’t have enough wallet,” repeated another.

A man kicking a woman and a purse TikTok
A woman crawled out of it. A viral video on TikTok shows a man pushing a woman’s purse out of her reach, then dancing and kicking her.
Melpomenem/iStock / Getty Images Plus

One said, “If someone put my bag on my leg, I’d go wild.”

“Do not [because] I would have kicked him straight off the road,” admitted another user.

“You’re better than me because I would start screaming.” said one.

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One user noted: “He could have picked and created a play for you, but he chose this.”

“I can’t believe this is a fever dream,” the user replied.

“You’re better than me because I would have been violent if he pushed that bag,” wrote another TikTok user, who received more than 16,000 likes on their comment.

“I’m so confused..what does he think is going to happen,” one asked.

Another said: “I would have been kicked out of the club for what I caused.”

“Why me daughter [right now] I wasn’t there but IF A GUY KICKED ME??? ummm yeah no,” said one user.

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Make a good first impression

“Meeting people takes a lot of courage. It’s just knowing that everyone wants to have a good time and a simple hello and active listening can go a long way,” explained Maria Avgitidis, CEO and matchmaker at Agape Matchmaking. before the Newsweek.

As the man talked about what he could do to make a good impression, Augitidis took the wallet, looked him in the eye, and nodded “hello.”

“It’s really childish what the guy did to the woman… but I think he realized it was childish and later regretted it when he tried to do awkward moves on the dance floor. Self-respect,” she said. Newsweek.


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