Large number of reptiles spotted on Brazil beach in viral video. Internet reacts

There’s absolutely no shortage of bizarre content out there, and this insanely viral video is proof of that. A clip showing a large number of reptiles on a beach in Brazil surprised the Internet. It was shared on Twitter by Ken Rutkowski, a radio talk show host, and has been viewed a whopping 10 million times.

In the short clip, a large number of reptiles can be seen resting on a beach in Brazil. Some even crawled and others just lolled in the water. The video obviously drew a plethora of reactions from netizens and you should definitely check it out too.

“In Brazil, an invasion of crocodiles has inundated one of the beaches by several hundred, even thousands, and the local population is panicking,” the post’s caption reads.

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Watch the viral video here:

Needless to say, the video drew a number of reactions from netizens and the comments section was a testament to that.

“Whenever animals ‘invade’ a room, I always assume it’s because humans messed up theirs like that,” wrote one user.

Another user commented, “There’s a little more to it than that. what’s in the water There’s no way they’re all so in check.”

See the comments here:

Some users pointed out that the reptiles were actually caimans.

Some users also claimed that the location is actually Pantanal, South Mato Grosso.

What do you think?

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