Johnny Depp to Appear in Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Fashion Show

Rihanna-NAH: Johnny Depp pictured at Rihanna's Savage X Fenty fashion show article

Image: Noam Glai, Axel/Bauer-Griffin (Getty Images)

In breaking news that raises another question on celebrity stein culture, Rihanna Taped the alleged abuser and Gainful employment Musician, actor, director, and artist Johnny Dip To star in his upcoming Savage x Fenty Vol. 4 shows. Yes, you read that right.

Sources have just revealed. TMZ– The same outlet that First reported He will appear at this year’s Video Music Awards—that Rihanna and co. invited Depp will be inducted into the highly-acclaimed show, and he “Both parties were very excited to make it happen.” Depp, who will be the first man in the show’s history to have his own “star segment,” has reportedly already filmed his part. The show will premiere on November 9 on Amazon Prime Video.

This bulletin arrived just one day after exclusive photos from the production (Straight From Hell) were published. Vogue. Apart from Depp, viewers can expect a performance from him. Anita And burn boy; Including cameos from models Irina Shayk, Cara DelevingneAnd Precious Li; And dozens more stars decked out in Savage X Fenty lingerie. Notably, none of the pre-released photos featured Depp, but sources told TMZ that his look style is “cool and chic.”

From my quick observation of Twitter, fans are reasonably upset. One writes.: “Rihanna actually saw a guy who hasn’t used shampoo in months and put it in a fashion show I can’t.” And one more: “Crazy to me. Literally in what world. Where’s his team? His publicist? His mind.”

In fairness, we probably should have seen this coming. Because of his alleged abuse. Aired in court.we learned that Depp was the one. A renaissance mancapable of Searching for love And saving many new ones. Cash Streamsand that he was fairly fair. doing the most With his wild one And “Ruined life

Even now, of All For Rihanna to include annoying men in Hollywood and dress in — God forbid — silk, lace, or it is a, Depp definitely feels like someone we want to call. a Choice

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