Japan’s ‘Mundane Halloween’ is winning the internet with its basic ‘costumes’

If Halloween around the world elaborate clothes, then the opposite in Japan. The popular contest called “Jimi Halloween” (Jimi means simple or casual in Japanese) is enthusiastically attended by people who dress up in simple costumes or imitate ordinary scenes from everyday life.

What makes these casual outfits interesting is the hyper-specification of the things, moods or scenarios they depict.

According to Spoon & Tamago, a popular blog about Japanese life, the daily Halloween sub-culture was discovered in 2014 by Daily Portal Z, a Japanese website that covers fun trends and weird stories from the east Asian island. The creators “wanted to participate in Halloween but were too embarrassed to dress up as witches or zombies,” so they created a concept where people dressed “normally” but were still fun. or funny.

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The concept soon became popular, with people posting photos of super casual outfits, dressed up as “a guy who works at Starbucks” or “a guy waiting for his girlfriend in front of a mall restroom.”

This year, Daily Portal Z posted the best daily Halloween costumes on Twitter, which quickly went viral due to the accuracy of the photos.

Among the best-dressed entries was a tired man carrying a cardboard box who “just got fired by Twitter engineer Elon Musk.” Other costumes included a “woman with a random character at the start” of a man with a bleeding hand who painted a picture of “a man who tried to cut off his bangs, failed, and now claims it’s the latest fad.” Stages of the series to show that if you are bitten, you become a zombie.’

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