INNOVO® Leverages Powerful New Creative and a More Effective Approach to TV Advertising to Help Revolutionize Women’s Health

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Although one in three women will experience stress urinary incontinence (SUI) at some point in their lives, public and media taboos surrounding the topic have exacerbated the physical and psychological stress caused by bladder weakness, while common remedies such as pads and adult diapers will continue to do so often seen as uncomfortable and less than comfortable.

To enable women to live a life without bladder weakness in just three months, consumer medicine company Atlantic Therapeutics has combined compelling new creative approaches with an intelligent approach to television advertising to increase awareness and adoption of INNOVO®a non-invasive solution that addresses the root cause of bladder weakness in women via a unique, FDA-cleared wearable technology without a prescription.

“As we entered 2022, we recognized our early progress in building a disruptive brand in a vast category dominated by strong incumbents,” said Susan Trent, CEO of Atlantic Therapeutics. “To accelerate this progress, we needed to deliver a highly compelling message that would motivate women to change their beliefs and behaviors about bladder weakness. And as a scaling start-up, media efficiency was a crucial element in getting the message to the right audience. That was the challenge we set for our partners.”

For a complete refresh of its commercials, INNOVO® hired Quirk Creative, an award-winning advertising agency specializing in video-based campaigns. Quirk Creative produced new spots that communicated the superior and clinically proven benefits of the innovative pelvic floor muscle strengthening shorts in a smart, sensitive and informative manner that both enlightened and engaged viewers.

“As one of the many brands we represent in Quirk’s FemHealth practice, we used our experience and expertise in the field of women’s healthcare to create a unique campaign for INNOVO®is the unique solution to incontinence,” explains Wren Sieber, creative director at Quirk Creative. “The spot focuses on the target audience’s real emotional trigger moments – first as floating dream sequences, symbolic of our viewers’ desire to engage, and then again in real-time to be able to run, jump and laugh and feel the impact for short Trousers.”

To effectively reach women over 35 with active lifestyles who were past or current users of its competitors’ products, INNOVO® turned to Simulmedia, the leading provider of truly cross-channel TV advertising. Simulmedia’s patented TV+® Platform helped INNOVO® predict where its target audience would be watching TV and then be activated at guaranteed scale with a national data-driven campaign for that audience.

“Our TV+® The platform’s unique scheduling, purchasing, activation and metering capabilities, as well as direct access to premium video inventory from over 250 networks and streaming services, enabled INNOVO® to get its ads more broadly in front of women in the US,” said Dina M. Roman, senior vice president of sales, Simulmedia. “This enabled the brand to cost-effectively spread its powerful message, increase awareness and increase online sales.”

INNOVATION®The strategy resulted in a dramatic and measurable impact on all key performance metrics, including: a 265% increase in website visitors, a 199% increase in customer response rate, a 60% increase in “add to cart” on the website company and a significant 45% reduction in costs per site visitor on the company’s website.

Most important is the partnership and joint efforts of INNOVO®Quirk Creative and Simulmedia have ensured that hundreds of thousands of women across the United States no longer have to suffer from or be ashamed of incontinence and now have the opportunity, in the words of the new TV commercials, “to do what we love – without.” to worry. ”


INNOVATION® is an FDA-approved, CE-marked treatment for women suffering from stress urinary incontinence. It works by delivering clinically proven, safe, non-invasive pelvic floor stimulation via unique wearable technology. In the privacy of their own homes, women can easily wear the INNOVO® Shorts technology for a 30-minute pelvic floor workout. Innovative NMES technology (neuromuscular electrical stimulation) embedded in the INNOVO® Shorts does the work to strengthen and re-train their pelvic floor muscles, giving women the ability to live a bladder-free life in just three months. Extensive clinical trial results, conducted on over 600 subjects, consistently confirm improvements in key outcomes, symptoms and compliance. Backed by this compelling peer-reviewed science, INNOVO® has received numerous prestigious awards for innovation and technology and is revenue generating in both the US and Europe.

About Atlantic Therapeutics

Based in Galway, Ireland and Boston, MA, Atlantic Therapeutics develops consumer medical devices, related software, apps and connected health technologies to treat all types of incontinence. The company’s mission is to improve the quality of life for millions of people each year by enabling them to restore and strengthen their pelvic health, giving them back the confidence and control to lead active lives. Attracting both international VC investment and corporate grants, Atlantic Therapeutics is experiencing strong growth with the formation of INNOVO® as the leading femtech solution to treat SUI. Visit for more information.

About Quirk Creative

Quirk Creative is a WBE-certified, award-winning advertising agency specializing in video-based campaigns. Quirk combines creative strategy, testing and production under one roof for brand awareness and performance campaigns across TV, OTT, digital and social channels. The end result: hard-working creatives who strengthen, and most importantly, sell, brands. Visit for more information.

About Simmedia

Simulmedia is a leader in truly cross-channel TV advertising. With his TV+® Platform, the company delivers unparalleled reach, measurement and results wherever audiences are watching or streaming. Founded in 2008, Simulmedia pioneered a data-driven, digital approach to TV ad placement and optimization that changed TV advertising forever. With TV+, Simulmedia helps advertisers and agencies quickly and effectively reach viewers dispersed across both linear TV and connected TV, at guaranteed scale without wasteful duplication. Simulmedia has planned and executed successful TV campaigns for hundreds of brands including Experian, Warner Bros. Discovery,zelle, Disney, 1-800-FLOWERS, Monster, Electrolux, Rover, Nordstrom, King’s Hawaiian and many more. Additionally, Simulmedia enables brands to expand their reach and connect with an elusive younger audience through PlayerWON™, the first in-game video advertising platform for free-to-play PC and console titles. Visit and for more information.

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