“I hope Mark Zuckerberg don’t take this post down, because it’s true”

UFC featherweight contender Bryce Mitchell isn’t a big fan of electric cars. In a recent video posted to Instagram, “Thug Nasty” shot billionaire Elon Musk and claimed Musk stole from people like Mitchell to build his wealth.

In the video, the 27-year-old spoke about the fact that electric cars are not environmentally friendly. The 27-year-old also attacked Mark Zuckerberg and said he hopes the video won’t be taken down from the internet.

“If you like driving electric cars just because you like them, hey, that’s fine. But don’t tell me it’s eco-friendly. You’re a stupid motherfucker if you do that. Because these electric cars are powered by coal and to mine coal you need diesel equipment. To transport coal you need diesel equipment. So you can thank people like me who run diesel equipment to make your electric car work. And I know that… Elon Musk has more money than me, but you all have to remember… my company didn’t get half a billion in subsidies this year. My kind of company doesn’t get any subsidies. So really, his success comes from people like me he stole from. I hope Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t delete this post because it’s true,” said Bryce Mitchell.

You can watch the video below:

Mitchell uploaded the video at a time when the city of California is facing power outages due to heat waves. In the midst of this, a picture surfaced on Twitter of a fossil fuel generator attached to a Tesla car.

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Bryce Mitchell has a fight scheduled for November

Bryce Mitchell meets Movsar Evloev in an undefeated featherweight bout on November 5th 🔥Full story: bit.ly/3Ucu2kv https://t.co/vFAaCywOR3

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It was recently announced that Bryce Mitchell will face Movsar Evloev on the November 5 card.

What makes this fight really interesting is the fact that both featherweights are currently unbeaten in their MMA careers.

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Evloev and Mitchell have a lot in common on their resumes. Evloev has a 16-0 record in his MMA career while Mitchell boasts a 15-0 record.

Both fighters had six fights each in the promotion. Aside from a Twister submission win by ‘Thug Nasty’, all of these encounters were won by decision.

Mitchell has won fighters like Andre Fili and Edson Barboza, with Evloev’s biggest wins coming over Hakeem Dawodu and Dan Ige.

Both featherweights are currently in the top 10 in the 145-pound rankings and a win in November would put them one step closer to attempting UFC gold.

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