How to recession-proof your career

How can you recession-proof your career and make sure you become indispensable in your job? The Money Podcast Team has some answers…

How to recession-proof your career

Recession and job cuts go hand in hand, because in recessions companies have less money and the inevitable result is job cuts.

So the question is, how do you recession-proof your career and make sure you become indispensable in your job?

In this episode of The Money PodcastJustin Harrison and Dawie Bester approach this topic from the unique perspective of having been employers for more than 20 years, and shed some much-needed light on what it takes to not only keep your job during a recession, but potentially keep it Advance your career in these difficult economic times.

This episode is full of great advice for anyone who is serious about advancing their career, be it as an employee or even as a contractor or self-employed. Click below to listen.

Most people feel not only the pressure but also the emotional drain of having to make do with less, which in turn leads to massive pessimism.

In last week’s episode The Money PodcastWealth creators Justin Harrison and Dawie Bester shared some tips on how to deal with the increased cost of living from both an emotional and practical perspective.

If you’ve been feeling the emotional drain of the recent rise in the cost of living, then this episode will not only give you the tools to cope, but will also give you some much-needed hope. Click below to listen.

Recently, on The Money Podcast on JacPod, Justin Harrison and Dawie Bester delved into electricity prices and which devices in our homes use the most electricity. Some of these may come as a very big surprise to the average person.

In this episode, you’ll get actionable tips and advice on how to reduce your electricity bills simply by changing your consumption habits and being aware of how you use electricity.

If you are frustrated by your rising electricity bills then this episode will surely help you and give you some clarity when it comes to understanding electricity consumption. Listen below – it’s a 15 minute listen.

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