How the construction industry can thrive in a post-pandemic environment

In 2022, many industries are still affected by Covid-19. However, pandemic conditions in one form or another will likely have to be managed as we enter the predictable financial quarters, even years. In this eGuide, Payapps explains how construction companies can thrive in a post-pandemic environment

The challenges related to the coronavirus in the construction industry are widespread. From complying with government regulations, dealing with project shutdowns or disruptions and dealing with travel restrictions, to dealing with exhausted workforce and health issues, material supply chain disruptions and rising costs and even corporate bankruptcies.

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Meeting of architects, managers and engineers on the construction site

Is your construction company ready to switch from survival mode to thrive mode?

For many people in the construction industry, the toughest leadership test is now ahead. The next phase is imminent, that of consolidation and stabilization. Which cultural, organizational and operational changes should you prioritize and which technologies should you invest in?

In an environment where vaccine rollout is constantly being tested and parts of the economy are still reeling, how can you make your business successful again and grow?

How companies can move from survival to success

Builders and contractors that have been able to reorganize quickly, tackle new projects and adapt to ever-changing timeframes will find it easier to adapt post-pandemic. This agility has been critical during the pandemic and will continue to be critical in the future.

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This eGuide examines four strategic areas your organization can focus on to ease the transition from survival to success while laying a new foundation for continued success and innovation in an evolving post-pandemic environment. This contains:

  1. Rapid revenue recovery
  2. Mental health prioritization and interventions
  3. Rebuilding the company and rethinking the organization
  4. Accelerating the adoption of digital solutions
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Payapps is a collaborative online solution shared by contractors and subcontractors that standardizes the entire assessment process and streamlines the submission and assessment of building applications for payment.

It replaces an inefficient and error-prone manual method with an innovative, accessible online process that is simpler, faster, fairer and more transparent, ultimately keeping contractors and subcontractors economically aligned throughout a project’s lifecycle.

Download your free eGuide to learn how to use payapps to power your post-pandemic recovery.

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