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GenZ has decided to be at the forefront of the environmental debate. Whether it’s about climate change, global warming, waste management or ocean pollution, youth not only want to grab the world’s attention, but also want to take responsibility and offer solutions to the most pressing environmental-related issues.

Here are some solutions from five of the top 50 teams wanting Solve for Tomorrow:


Team Benz from Tamil Nadu is developing an urban forestry planning solution with suggestions and recommendations for the right type of plants and trees to plant, ultimately resulting in an optimized way to control gas levels in the air.

Sanyukta, Vishruthi and Kavin from Tamil Nadu

Sanyukta, Kavin, Vishruthi from Tamil Nadu believe that climate change is an issue affecting every country in the world. From 1990 to 2019, the total warming effect of man-made greenhouse gases increased by 45 percent.

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“Our solution is to find optimal locations for urban forestry planning and select tree species that can grow on the soil at that particular location. So we decided to use the GIS geospatial information system to perform geospatial analysis on them to get the best results,” said Tee, BENZ.

Team Potty

Kaushik and Sumanth and Aditya from Andhra Pradesh want to design Solve for Tomorrow so that they can give artificial life to plants and trees to emotionally connect nature to humans so they can be rescued and grown like other humans.

Her team Potty is looking for ways to relate people to plants on an equal footing, thereby promoting empathy.

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Kaushik and Sumanth and Aditya from Andhra Pradesh

“The motive of the project is to reduce global warming on the planet. Our research has been published in various journals and shows that it is possible for plants to respond to global warming by releasing more aerosol particles,” said Team Potty.

Team Incy Tech

Incy Tech is working on an alternative to solar panels that uses thermal energy from the sun to generate electricity instead of light energy. Sparsh, 22, from Bihar, and his two teammates use an optical science to convert thermal energy into electrical energy in a more efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Sparsh, Meghna and Shivansh from Bihar

Carboxy HITAM

Three friends from Telangana, Pawan, Giridhar and Yuvraj have plans to replace old methods of water purification in aquaculture with a new, innovative, inexpensive and natural way to clean the water bodies. They use a novel, nature-based approach that introduces spirulina algae into the pond water, naturally cleaning the pond.

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Pawan, Giridhar and Yuvraj from Telangana

Team Water Uplifting without using an electric pump

A regular problem that occurs with electric pumps is that they often supply insufficient power, leading to problems with the pump not working and sometimes the pump can also freeze. To save electricity and energy used in pumping water from an underground tank to an overhead tank through a mechanically efficient mechanism, Sanchit and Onkar from Maharashtra want to raise water without using an electric pump.

“Our technology would help anyone raise water without the use of electric pumps, which will be invaluable in locations where power is limited or sporadic,” the team said.

Sanchit and Onkar from Maharashtra

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