Flapmax Launches Artificial Intelligence (AI) Builders Garage, a Global Community Supporting Young Entrepreneurs and Developers

Flapmax (www.Flapmax.com) today announced the launch of AI Builders Garage, a global on- and offline platform designed to help young entrepreneurs and developers turn innovative ideas into sustainable business solutions. AI Builders Garage offers three critical pathways to innovation and tech career paths for young professionals: Youth Entrepreneurship, Continuous AI Hackathon and Flapmax Community, and designed to attract and promote both traditional and non-traditional talent from around the world.

“Flapmax and our global partners are working together to create more opportunities for the next generation of innovators, developers and entrepreneurs to advance their ideas and build mission-driven businesses in the field of AI sustainability,” said Dave Ojika, founder and CEO of Flapmax. “We are proud to launch a global platform to bring together industry leaders with new faces, along with new venture capital and training opportunities. AI Builders Garage is the future of collaboration and development through technology as we break down global boundaries and support the next generation and founders.”

AI Builders Garage is a global platform for entrepreneurs and developers to collaborate across borders and build sustainable technology solutions and ideas for business. The community is built on both personal and virtual platforms and supports three main areas:

  • Youth Entrepreneurship – New training and mentoring programs, as well as support from a Microsoft-backed accelerator (www.FASTaccelerator.com), designed to empower young developers to create real-world solutions and launch new businesses or expand existing ones.
  • Continuous AI – Global competitions are focused on demonstrating how AI can help solve business and community challenges to solve the world’s sustainability challenges.
  • Community – A series of events, shows and networking opportunities that bring industry leaders together with young builders and entrepreneurs.
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On December 1, 2022, the online AI summit will launch a new AI Builders Garage with a focus on digital transformation for emerging markets. Attendees will learn more about new tools and technology being launched to help young entrepreneurs connect and grow. Sustainability is a top priority for global leaders and Flapmax, and the event focuses on how artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies can be used to prevent and mitigate environmental impacts. At the Flapmax AI Summit, shortlisted AI Builders Garage candidates will present their AI sustainability solutions during a live hackathon, with prizes awarded to the best presenters.

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“Talent development in an economy with high unemployment rates is a challenge compounded by a lack of resources and opportunities to pitch ideas, meet investors and gather valuable feedback,” said Bernard Irungu, Flapmax program manager. “The launch of the AI ​​Builders Garage is part of a global, ongoing effort to advance underserved communities through technology. We understand and value the collective contributions of developers, entrepreneurs and professionals as they work together to solve the world’s most pressing problems.”

Applications for the AI ​​Builders Garage and the upcoming summit are open until November 30, 2022. Applicants to the Young Entrepreneurship program, particularly in hospitality, education, healthcare, financial services, agriculture, transportation, e-commerce and manufacturing. Those selected will have the opportunity to build their use case and present it to a panel of technology and business leaders at the AI ​​Summit. Participants in the Sustainable AI Hackathon will build an AI model or solution that addresses sustainability. The Flapmax Community is open to all developers, entrepreneurs, researchers and professionals interested in collaborating on technology solutions. The community serves as a showcase for new projects, a hybrid accelerator for new entrepreneurs and developers, an industry networking platform, and a recruiting tool for technology leaders.

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The inaugural FAI Summit will feature participants from both the Youth Entrepreneurship and Sustainable AI Hackathon tracks. Learn more at www.FAI.institute/summit and apply for the AI ​​Builders Garage here: www.FAI.institute/garage

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About Flapmax:
Flapmax is a data and AI technology company committed to expanding technology innovation and application worldwide. With its technology accelerator platform, Flapmax promotes collaboration across borders and helps companies scale and optimize AI models and implement digital transformation solutions. Flapmax creates global partnerships to ignite the local technology industry in Africa and globally. Partnering with universities around the world, Flapmax helps connect the next generation of innovators with sustainable technology goals and advanced career skills.

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