First look at This Is Us star Justin Hartley’s TV comeback

This is us Actor Justin Hartley guest stars in the new quantum leap Revival.

NBC released a season promo earlier this week after the premiere of the opening episode, and in it (below) we see Raymond Lee’s Dr. Ben Song morphs into the body of a young woman named Eva – halfway through being proposed by Hartley’s character Jake.

Corresponding TVLine, It turns out that Jake is actually a bounty hunter.

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Ring box in hand, he asks: “Babe, what do you say? while Ben understandably freaks out in the mirror.

quantum leap Fans shouldn’t have to wait too long either to meet Jake, who will be appearing on the sci-fi show next month alongside the actor’s real-life wife Sofia Pernas.

Before you find success This is usHartley preceded Stephen Amell as the superhero Green Arrow.

Earlier recalling his Kleinville Stint, said the star Weekly entertainment: “It was [originally] four or six episodes, this arc that they wrote for me. And then he should be gone. Thankfully, people who watched the show loved this character. He had a lot to say.

Justin Hartley as Green Arrow in Smallville

The CW

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“As you watched that show and you saw when Oliver showed up and how he interacted with Clark and what he brought out in Clark and how he moved Clark in a direction that we know he’s going – Superman – it became an integral part of the show and I’m really proud of that,” he continued.

“It was really important to choose this character to be pretty much who he was in the comics. And I think it was the first time on this show that you had a man in a costume. I remember thinking, ‘We have a show about Superman, but we don’t really have a character on the show that’s costumed,’ so it was kind of cool.”

quantum leap airs weekly on NBC.

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