Fat Tire Beer Asks You To Vote For The Environment

Fat Tire Beer is asking you to vote for the environment

“The bottom line is that climate change is making beer taste bad and more expensive.” – New Belgian CEO Steve Fechheimer

New Belgium Brewing’s Fat Tire brand is seriously committed to climate protection. And with the upcoming midterm elections in the US, Fat Tire is asking its fans to get involved by signing this Climate declaration of the beer drinkers at DrinkSustainably.com.

People who sign the Beer Drinkers Climate Statement can then reach out directly to their elected officials through Fat Tire’s digital action center to protect beer by supporting strong climate policies at the federal, state and local levels.

With sustained investments to organize and mobilize beer lovers for years to come, Fat Tire believes “beer voting” could eventually have a real impact in future elections – starting with the midterms on September 11th.

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Fat Tire Beer is asking you to vote for the environmentThat from New Belgium…

“You can’t make beer without water and crops, and both are being hit hard by a changing climate. As historic wildfires, extreme heat and flooding affect water supplies and ruin barley and hop crops, the straight line between climate change and a world without beer is about to begin.”

“As climate change disrupts water supplies and global agriculture, the economic impact will be felt even on beer shelves,” said Steve Fechheimer, CEO of New Belgium. “Unless we act together now to solve the greatest disaster of our lives — the climate crisis — beer, along with staples like coffee and rice, will be out of reach for many Americans.”

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Fat Tire’s Only Planet with Beer campaign comes on the heels of last year’s release of Torched Earth, a less-than-great-tasting beer made using only ingredients from a climate-ravaged future.

And last January, Fat Tire published Point of Snow Return to call on the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to require companies that want to sponsor the Winter Games to also do their bit to protect the future of the Games.

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In 2020, New Belgium announced that Fat Tire had become America’s first certified carbon neutral beer – and the entire company committed to certifying all brands carbon neutral by 2030 and achieving net zero by 2050 through its own stringent climate plan.

“The bottom line is that climate change is making beer taste bad and more expensive, and the future of our favorite drink depends on us protecting the only planet with beer,” added Fechheimer. Beer drinkers have an opportunity to become a powerful force to protect our planet if we can speak out together.”


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