EXCLUSIVE | TV BLACKBOX reveals just how many Australians watched the QUEEN’S FUNERAL

After 10 days of mourning and widespread media coverage, interest in Queen Elizabeth’s funeral was always high.

But how many Australians gathered around the TV (or other streaming device) to watch this momentous moment?

While it will always be impossible to really calculate national viewership for an event that is broadcast on so many platforms. TV black box has spent the last 24 hours analyzing the data and estimates a viewership of around 4.9 million Australians tuned in to say goodbye Queen Elizabeth the second.

It’s a stunning number, making it one of the most watched events in Australian history.

Below is a full breakdown of viewership across all Australian channels:

channel 7

channel 7 was the most watched single channel all night with a national audience of 1.46 million viewers (975k Subway) for the network’s evening coverage.

This figure includes a BVOD streaming audience of 66k about the 7plus Platform. Viewers were clearly captivated by the coverage, leading to the network releasing substantial viewership well past midnight.

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channel 9

channel 9 also recorded strong viewership with a national audience of 1.214 million Viewers (879,000 sub) who watch the network’s evening coverage.

This figure includes a BVOD streaming audience of 112k above 9Now.

9Now emerged as the most popular destination for live streaming of the event, with the service delivering viewership nearly double that of its competitors 7plus and ABC iview.

In an email to staff received from TV black boxNews Director of Nine, Darren Wick thanked his team for providing it ‘terrific’ Coverage culminating in over 30 hours of uninterrupted broadcast Monday and Tuesday mornings.

“Planning for this event started years ago. We secured the London hosting positions in 2018 and have regularly evolved our plans ever since.”


That ABC provided live simulcast coverage of the funeral service via two broadcast channels and streaming on iview.

The ABC’s evening coverage of the state funeral drew an average national audience of 1.07 million viewers (708,000 subway). ABC television.

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Another 518,000 (362,000 underground) viewers watch over the abc news multichannel. The combination of the two channels ensured ABC’s coverage of the historic moment was the most viewed across all networks.

A national average audience of 58k streamed the broadcast over the I see Platform. There was a total 631,000 Live stream runs on iView during Monday’s event coverage. Approximately 70% of viewers on iview were under the age of 54.

Sky news

Coverage of the Queen’s funeral Foxtel delivered Sky news the highest-rated day of the year, beating coverage of the 2022 election.

Viewership peaked between 8pm and 9pm, yielding an average total viewership of 254,500 through the channels of Sky News, Sky News Extra and Sky News UK (linear and Foxtel Go/Now).

That Regional Sky News Free-to-air channel, which broadcasts across much of regional Australia, also had its busiest day of the year with coverage between 9pm and 10pm with an average total viewership of 83k.

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channel 10

channel 10 decided to stick with his regular broadcast schedule of The amazing race256k (185k subway) and Did you pay attention? 441k (324k subway) on Monday evening. However, the network presented coverage of the funeral on a multichannel.

Although the network declined to provide data for this article, TV black box can report on a special edition The project on 10 fat reached a national audience of just 111k (91k subway). Note: Data does not include streaming on 10 Play.


SBS covered the funeral on its main channel, with the station securing a national average viewership of 150,000 (104k subway). Note: Data does not include streaming on SBS On Demand.

Note: TV Blackbox would like to sincerely thank the broadcaster’s publicists for providing data for this article.

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