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One of the country’s leading retailers, Currys, offers practical advice for those looking to cost-proof their homes during the cost of living crisis. Families are currently grappling with a double whammy of rising inflation and record high energy bills. Whilst household bills are expected to be capped at £2,500 next month by the Government’s price guarantee, this will still be an increase on what families are already paying.

It was originally expected that with Ofgem’s price cap increase, energy bills would exceed £3,400 a year.

However, this is no longer the case after the government’s recent intervention, but households are still encouraged to prepare.

With this in mind, Britons are scrambling to find the best ways to save money in the short term ahead of October’s bill hike.

Currys, one of the UK’s largest suppliers of electrical and technology products, shares how households can beat rising energy prices next month.

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Six ways to save on your energy bills

The company has broken down the six “tips and tricks” people should be using to cut their gas and electricity bills in the coming months, which could save families £336 a year.

This included households that chose to go “eco” when using everyday appliances and gadgets.

Currys explained, “At Currys we recycle your tech in store or pick it up from your home for larger equipment deliveries.”

Additionally, the retailer is encouraging families to check energy-efficient labels on highly rated products, which can save households up to £145 a year.


In addition, households are being told to buy the right size products for their home and install smart heating controls.

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According to Currys, both measures can lead to significant savings for families.

The retailer also highlights the benefits people have when they switch to LED bulbs and install smart plugs.

They added: “LED lights can help reduce the average person’s carbon emissions by up to 40kg per year – the equivalent of driving 40 miles in a car. It also saves consumers up to £9 per lightbulb per year

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“Paired with an app, many smart plugs have features that make lowering energy consumption a breeze, such as: B. Automatic shut-off, saving Brits money.”

Speaking exclusively to, Curry’s Group Carbon and Environment Manager Matt Manning noted how new technology is helping households save money during the energy crisis.

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Mr Manning said: “We know that many of our customers across the UK will be deeply concerned by the projected increase in energy bills in 2022.

“We want to make sure everyone has access to amazing technology that can save them money in the long run.

“We make continuous strides to ensure we offer the best green products available that not only help consumers save money, but also help reduce their impact on the planet.

“Don’t forget, if you’re planning to upgrade to a new smart thermostat or eco-friendly washer-dryer, make sure you recycle your old tech.

“At Currys, we recycle your tech in store or pick it up from home for larger equipment deliveries.”

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