Electric vehicles not really friendly to environment

As something of a gearhead, I’m fascinated by the latest technologies related to electrically powered vehicles, also known as EVs. Tesla is considered a leader in these technologies. Others such as Hyundai, Honda, Toyota and Kia, along with the major automakers in the US, have made significant strides in developing electric vehicles with outstanding performance.

However, the industry still has a long way to go to become a mainstream mode of transportation for the average American commuter. The biggest hurdles with these vehicles are range and charging convenience, not to mention cost. On average, the typical range of these cars is around 200 miles, and there aren’t enough charging stations. The industry hasn’t developed a standard for chargers that reminds us of the days of VHS or Betamax.

Our power grid is also a big issue. There is not enough power available to meet this increased demand. California has announced that all vehicles sold in the state will be electric by 2035 and has asked residents not to charge electric vehicles due to possible power outages.

You can’t invent this stuff. Until they solve these problems, the electric vehicles of the future will remain in the future. The real question is, why do we even have electric vehicles? Gasoline or diesel powered cars and trucks not working well?

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They have been for over a hundred years. Oh wait a minute. Gasoline has become expensive and there are concerns about the health of our planet.

Let’s take a look at these issues. Why is gas expensive? It must have something to do with us going out. Like any commodity, it increases in value when an item becomes scarce. But wait a minute, we’re not running out of oil; we just don’t pump and refine it as much anymore. Why? It is believed that burning fossil fuels harms the environment and that building batteries and solar panels in China that use oil, gas and coal to power these extensive Chinese facilities somehow does not harm the environment.

What about mining the lithium, nickel, and rare earth materials needed to make these batteries? Do you think the heavy earthmoving equipment for these mining operations is powered by electricity? No I do not think so.

What about the disposal of those spent lithium batteries? Is there potential environmental damage if tons of batteries end up in our soil and aquifers?

If you compare the pollution from electric vehicles to the pollution from gas vehicles, there is no question that an electric car is much more harmful to our environment than a petrol car when you consider the manufacturing process. The notion that driving an electric vehicle will somehow save the planet is ridiculous. Do those in power believe that humanity controls climate change?

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When the great ice ages happened millions of years ago and virtually no humans roamed the earth, you think about how small and insignificant our activities are to the earth’s atmosphere. The world will do what it will, with or without our participation or intervention. The entire causation of climate change by burning fossil fuels is a hoax, and the sooner we accept that, the sooner we’ll be able to get on with our regular businesses and productive lives. You already know that fossil fuels don’t affect the climate; They want you to believe that’s the case, so they say it repeatedly.

The independent Climate Intelligence foundation known as (CLINTEL), with over a thousand scientists worldwide contributing to a statement, declares: “CO2 is not a pollutant.” Then why is our government so hell-bent on getting rid of gas-powered cars? I’ll give you a little hint, Control. Unlike your everyday gas guzzler, electric vehicles are controllable. Their short range discourages the populace from traveling far; Most importantly, they can park their car whenever they want.

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Several states already control home thermostats; Soon they will inspect your car. The only reason to buy an electric car or truck today is to eliminate the additional costs of gas, oil changes and routine maintenance, or simply the shared interest in this technology.

Think about where the electricity to power your electric vehicle comes from: oil, natural gas and coal; very little comes from so-called renewable energy. I believe EVs are great for many situations, just not all, and don’t assume you’re driving one to save the planet. And remember, electricity isn’t free and gets a lot more expensive over time.

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G. Kevin Savord is currently a commercial pilot and former small business owner. He can be reached at [email protected]

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