Disney’s Strange World Director Shares The Rules For Creating A New Environment And Creatures For This Film

Walt Disney Animations Studios is no stranger to creating new worlds for viewers to explore, but Disney’s latest animated film, due out later this year, is all about new worlds. strange world takes inspiration from the pulp adventure stories of the early 20th century and envisions a whole new land full of strange and unusual creatures beneath the earth’s surface. As you can imagine, creating entirely new environments can be challenging.

CinemaBlend recently had the opportunity to sit down with him strange world Director Don Hall and we asked him how he and the Disney animators created the world and the creatures that live in it for the upcoming Disney movie. Hall says he established some firm rules about what creatures would be acceptable in this world. The first rule was that nothing could have a face. Hall explains…

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I think the first (rule) would be just no faces. We didn’t want eyeballs or anything for mouths. (laughs) I guess the killer Ts have them. The pterosaurs. But that was generally the case. We didn’t want to… and maybe it became, ‘I just wanted to challenge animators and just be annoying.’ Just to have no traits so we don’t immediately humanize them. And then also because it challenged the animators to find ways in which they move to convey their individual personalities and stuff like that.

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