DAP Health Pavilion Will Offer Free Health and Recovery Community Experiences at Palm Springs Pride

DAP Health’s gift of wellness to the LGBTQ+ community includes yoga, 12-step meetings, panel discussions, community health outreach, and monkeypox vaccinations.

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. – In its continued efforts to connect the Coachella Valley community with care, DAP Health will host a wellness pavilion throughout the weekend at Palm Springs Pride. The Pavilion, located at 205 S. Palm Canyon Drive, at the intersection of Palm Canyon and Arenas Drive, will open on Friday, November 4 at 11:00 a.m. with continuous programming through Sunday, November 6 at 5:00 p.m. An official ribbon cutting ceremony by the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce to open the space is scheduled for Friday, November 4 at the DAP Health Pavilion.

With a wide range of programs, services, and activities, the advocacy-based health care organization and its partners continue to connect the community to care.

“Everyone is more focused on wellness this year and is looking for ways to take care of their physical and mental health. We responded to feedback from community members who were looking to balance the celebrations at Pride with self-care and rest,” said CJ Tobe, director of community health and sexual wellness. “So, the purpose of this pavilion is to provide a free space for people to take pride in their health in addition to the opportunities they have to celebrate with their friends.”

There were other factors that contributed to DAP Health’s increased programming presence at Pride. “It became evident that this is a very important year,” said Dr. Jill Gover, DAP Health’s behavioral health director and a member of the organization’s Pride Committee. We have a hostile Supreme Court and hostility towards social justice movements in general. We have a lot of work to do and it is very important to make a statement this year with pride that yes, there is a celebration and a parade, but it is also a political statement.”

“We wanted to do more than just what we’ve done in the past,” Gover continued. “We wanted programming to mix fun stuff with political work. “DAP Health is an advocacy organization as well as a health organization; that it is part of our mission: to advocate for health equality and to advocate for social justice. We wanted to have a pavilion where we could bring people to talk about these very pertinent and relevant issues.

There is a full slate of free programs and activities planned for the weekend. From yoga to speed skating to country dancing, there’s something for everyone at the pavilion. The Recovery Oasis, a smaller, more private tent next to the pavilion, will host 12-step meetings. There will also be special presentations from partner organizations including Planned Parenthood, Queer Works, Brothers of the Desert, and the L-Fonds.

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“DAP Health’s focus as an advocacy-based health organization throughout the pandemic has been on collaboration and cooperation with other organizations that share the vision of a healthier Coachella Valley,” said Steven Henke, DAP Health director of brand marketing. . “And because of the work we’ve done with partner organizations — especially the work we’ve done for the AIDS Walk, where our theme was ‘Walk Out Loud,’ focused on LGBT health equity — we wanted to continue to amplify the voices .of other organizations that do the work of connecting the community with care.

Workshops on fulfilling your sexual desires, harm reduction and artistic healing are also on the schedule. Other presentations include: “How to Stay Sober and Sane,” “Trans Non-Binary 101 for the LGB Community,” “Internalizing Homophobia and Transphobia and Health Outcomes,” “Raw Talk,” and “When the Applause Stops,” an exploration . of the African American LGBTQ+ experience. “These workshops will be for anyone and everyone regardless of race, gender, economic status, language, you name it,” Tobe said. “One of our core values ​​of being a humanitarian organization is that we welcome all people, period. The DAP Health Pavilion, which focuses on health and wellness, exemplifies our values ​​as an organization.

As it does at all events, DAP Health will have its mobile clinic on site. “We will be offering HIV, hepatitis C and STI testing at the pavilion, as well as safe sex kits and any type of connection to care that may be needed for anyone with HIV or who wants prep,” Tobe said. “DAP Health is excited to partner with Riverside University Health Systems to provide monkeypox vaccines to the community at our Wellness Pavilion.” For those with HIV who have dropped out of care, members of the DAP Health community health team will be available to reconnect them to care through its Rapid Start program.

On Sunday, the Wellness Pavilion’s programming will begin after the annual Pride Parade. “We will be performing at the Pride Parade to advance our message of ‘Walk Out Loud,’ which is really meant to express our origins as an advocacy-based health organization,” Henke said. “We were born during the AIDS crisis, and we have been advocating for LGBT health equity since 1984. We will wear shirts that say, ‘Health Equity for All’ and we will carry signs that bring our message of advocacy to life.”

DAP Health’s entire presence during Pride Weekend is based on showing the community that the organization is so much more than what they think it is. “It’s still the same advocacy-based health care organization pushing for comprehensive care regardless of someone’s ability to pay,” Henke said. “But the work we do has grown to encompass everything from affordable housing to mental health.”

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“We hope that the community will see that we meet them where they are,” Henke continued. “We want to meet them. And we want to have conversations with them. And we want to provide opportunities for them to connect, communicate, ask questions and really take advantage of the resources that are available to them and make sure they know that the care they need and deserve is available.

DAP Health Pavilion and Recovery Oasis Schedule

Friday November 4th

10:00 a.m Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting at the DAP Health Pavilion

11:00 am Say Namasté Restorative Yoga with Kristin Olson and James Meyer Urban yoga

1:00 am Spirituality and recovery – Its Place In Sobriety” Open discussion led by David M. (Recovery Oasis tent)

12:30 p.m HARTistic healing along with Cecilia Cruz: Guided Meditation, Breathwork, Expressive Painting

3:00 amCalifornia Sober – What is it?” Open discussion group led by Bill B and Jim E. of Marijuana Anonymous (Recovery Oasis tent)

3:30 am “Raw Talk” Rusty Waters will moderate a panel discussion with Drew Sebastian and David Wichman

5:00 am Sex and relationships and recovery – Where, Where, and How?” – Speaker Meeting and Q&A led by Todd N. (Recovery Oasis tent)

5:00 am Speed ​​dating hosted by Patty cakes – Have fun meeting new friends

6:30 p.m Queer worksJacob Rostovksy presents “Trans\Non-Binary 101 for the LGB Community”

8:00 am Planned ParenthoodOlga Montes, Community Engagement and Education Manager offers an introduction to Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest (PPPSW). The presentation will provide an overview of PPPSW’s mission, health center services, and locations, sexual health education programs, and volunteer opportunities.

Saturday November 5th

8:00 am Say Namasté Restorative Yoga with Kristin Olson and Tracey Engelking Urban yoga

9:30 a.m. Fulfillment of your sexual desires – An interactive workshop that explores flirting, dating, kink, and other topics presented by Robert Black and Brent Heinz

10:30 am Smart recovery – A Non-12-Step Program Open Discussion Meeting led by Damien S. and Scott S. (Recovery Oasis tent)

11:00 am Everything you wanted to know about Harm reduction but were afraid to ask

12:00 o’clockWe recover – Recovery from Active Addiction” Open AA 12-Step Speaker Meeting led by Rory S (Recovery Oasis tent)

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12:30 p.m. “Queer & Healthy – Questions Every LGBTQ+ Individual Should Ask Their Doctor “Suffer by Doctor Carlton (Tik Tok and Instagram), Trent Broadus – Nurse Practitioner, MSN, ACNP-BC, AAHIVS, and Anthony Velasco – Senior Nurse Practitioner Specialist, MSN, AGPCNP-BC, AAHIVS

1:30 p.m. Rehab – Treatment information for In-Patient \ After Care with Michael’s House, Ken Seeley’s, and Banyan staff (Recovery Oasis tent)

2:00 p.m Meet The L fund – Co-Board Chairman Magi Raible talks about the local organization and its mission to reach lesbians in need

3:30 am “When the Applause Stops” Brothers of the desert Preview Her Wellness Summit with speakers Dr. Stephan Scoggins in the Rev. Tony Bradford

5:00 amHow to stay sober and sane – Patterns, Triggers, Challenges” Open AA 12-Step Speaker Meeting led by Benjamin S (Recovery Oasis tent)

6:30 p.m Those LGBTQ Community Center of the Desert presents “Internalized Oppression in the LGBTQ+ Community and Mental Health” A conversation with Amy Prescott, MS

Sunday, November 6

8:00 am Walk Out Loud – Join DAP Health March for LGBTQ+ Health Equity in the parade

2:00 p.m Eee Haw! Learn to Country Western Dance – A class taught by Rob Ollander-Krane

3:30 am Take a renewal sound bath – a 90-minute journey with Lisa Bott

About DAP HealthDAP Health is an advocacy-based health center in Palm Springs, CA serving over 10,000 patients, providing medical and mental health care, free STI testing and treatment, dental, pharmacy and laboratory services. A variety of wraparound services enable patients to experience optimal health, including social services, support groups, alternative therapies and other wellness services. Excellent HIV care is provided by the largest team of specialist clinicians in the region.Click here to read more about our commitment to health equity.

DAP Health has opened one of California’s first COVID clinics and hotlines to provide screening, testing and treatment. DAP Health is also working to address social determinants of health that are causing negative health outcomes during this pandemic, such as food and housing insecurity, unemployment, isolation, and access to ongoing health care. DAP Health’s sexual health clinics offer free STI testing and treatment, free pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) services, and free HIV and HCV testing. DAP Health has earned the highest rating from Charity Navigator for the twelfth year in a row – landing DAP Health in the top 6% of nonprofits rated. The distinction recognizes that DAP Health exceeds industry standards in terms of financial health, accountability and transparency.

visitwww.daphealth.orgto learn more.


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