Czech Republic’s Serial Killer to introduce the latest crop of European TV and web-series offerings

– Representatives from national broadcasters will gather in the industry sidebar of the nation’s only festival of its kind to discuss the current state of affairs in episodic production

Serial Killer from the Czech Republic to showcase the latest European TV and web series offerings

A very ordinary world by Ovid

The only Czech online and TV series festival, Serial Killer, the International Festival of TV and Web Series, is preparing for its 5th editionth Edition with the latest offers for small screens, mainly coming from European countries. The event features a medley of genres from the Main Competition and International Panorama sections. This includes the Ukrainian series picnic through Iryna Gromozda, which follows the half-life of an ordinary family after the central husband-and-wife couple’s family system implodes during a picnic with their friends; the Serbian mystery horror drama block 27 through Momir Milosevicunfolding in a housing estate in New Belgrade; the Estonian family drama with crime plot Who shot Otto Müller? through Rene Vilbre; the award-winning Croatian series The Last Socialist Artifact [+see also:
series review
series profile
through Dalibor Matanic; and Spider web through Lukasz Jaworski (Poland).

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In addition to Tim Mielants‘ Series the respondermain role Martin Freiman as a burned out Liverpool cop, Richard Laxton‘s tragicomedy The thief, his wife and the canoemain role Eddie Marsan and Monica Dolan, funeral for a dog through David Dietl, The lesson through Eitan Zur, Blackhaven [+see also:
interview: Olivier Wotling
series profile
through Gisli Orn Gardarsson and Bjorn Hlynur Haraldssonand
Helsinki syndrome through Juuso Syrjathe festival showcase will feature an annotated overview of the current landscape of web series. Joel BassagetAssociate researcher at the University of Wollongong and leader of the Web Series World Cup, will discuss the latest trends, developments and perspectives on the web series phenomenon and its situation in 2022.

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This year’s edition features two thematic sidebars. Women’s Perspective not only turns gender and genre conventions upside down with the French dystopian comedy A very ordinary world through Ovidieafter an aspiring porn actor was offered a career in the adult entertainment industry. Mr 8 through Teemu Nikki and heart through Claudia Costafreda and Lluís Sellares are also part of the Women’s Perspective thread. Another special section is dedicated to a country in focus, this year Sweden, the “cradle of Scandi Noir”, with series such as the satire on small and medium-sized businesses suburban through Henrik Schaeffertthe psychological thriller The Dark Heart through Gustav Mollerthe thriller with socio-dramatic elements caliphate through Goran Kapetanovicthe feminist gangster series Dough through Levan Akin, The Congregation through Goran Kapetanovic and Real people through Harold Hammel.

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Serial Killer will also feature the latest domestic offerings, including David Ondricek‘s biopic miniseries from the period The King of the Bohemian Forest: The Phantom of the Dark Landwho also competes in the main competition, about people smugglers Joseph Hasel on the Czechoslovak-German border after communism, the latest comedy Good morning Brno! through Jan Prusinovskybehind the most popular domestic comedy series Most!amidst the cast and crew of a morning show, and the latest addition to Czech television’s growing list of webseries, 5 years through Damian Vondrasekabout a rape and the night that victims and perpetrators remember differently.

The festival is also building in the Central and Eastern Europe industry, hosting its traditional three-day industry program TV Days for television professionals. The industry sidebar includes several panels presenting upcoming series from Spain, France, Estonia, Sweden, Flanders, Belgium, Finland and the Czech Republic, while representatives from Netflix will discuss development and production in the CEE region.

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In addition, the industry program will host the Kyiv Media Week, presenting the success stories of wartime television production and co-production projects in the early stages of development, as well as a panel discussion on the common basis for cooperation between CEE countries and Ukraine. Ellie Haworth from BBC Media Action will discuss working with partners in Eastern Europe and their work to uphold freedom of expression and engage audiences with truthful and trustworthy content, while Netflix director of local language series for CEE, Anna Nagelraccompanied by their colleagues Tomasz Dabrowskiresponsible for EMEA production policy, and Anton Romaliysky, Manager of Licensing and Co-Professionals, will speak about the streamer’s work in the region. Netflix representatives are also hosting a private workshop for select local creators.

the 5th Serial Killer will run from September 20th to 25th in Brno. The full program can be found here.

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