Church leader drops note during Queen’s funeral and internet loses it

Church leaders stand in Westminster Abbey with a piece of paper on the floor.

The piece of paper slipped from the man’s hand as he put on his glasses

Today is a solemn day as the world bids farewell to Queen Elizabeth II.

But in the true British spirit, people have still found humor in the little things – namely, in every slip-up of any kind.

So when a prominently placed church leader accidentally dropped a piece of paper during the Queen’s funeral, the internet was delighted.

As the Dean of Westminster began his speech, the representative put on his glasses while still holding a handful of papers.

A small leaf slipped from his hand and landed on the ground – and Twitter has been entertained ever since.

Many people have joked that the note is a shopping list and some have looked at what groceries were written down.

Andy quipped, “Two pints of milk, white cut, 20 B&H, Razzle.”

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Edinburgh’s Sian Aitken said: “We became obsessed with the clip as the piece of paper lay on the floor for five minutes.”

Bob wrote: “Luckily, the Queen and Prince Phillip found humor in these slip-ups. I thought it was fitting that this happened at her funeral. She will look down with a smile.”

Another wrote: “Imagine if you were the guy who dropped a piece of paper at the start of the Queen’s funeral and now it’s right in front of every camera on the floor behind her coffin and you have to use it for the rest of the.” stare at the funeral.’

The sheet was lifted from the floor at some point during the ceremony, but that action – certainly another internet lover – was not caught on camera.

That wasn’t the only unplanned moment today, as it was noticed an uninvited guest crashed the funeral service at Westminster Abbey.

The Queen was accompanied by a small, green spider, who was filmed scurrying over a note lying in some pretty flowers on her coffin.

The spider disappeared into the bouquet – but not before people on social media spotted it.

One viewer joked, “The spider realizing she accidentally became part of the Queen’s funeral.”

Another added: “Is there a twitter account for the queen’s coffin wreath spider yet?”

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