Cellnex teams up with CPI on 5G testbed for healthcare

Telecom infrastructure company Cellnex has partnered with CPI to launch a private 5G testbed designed to test and showcase digital and IoT-based miracle technologies for the healthcare sector.

Located in the North East Technology Park, the facility will house various organizations working on the production of new technologies for the healthcare sector. The overall idea is to provide a showcase of 5G and IoT-enabled use cases, from practical-sounding ideas like real-time asset management of devices and medical supplies to the often-cited but still haunting example of VR headsets for the surgery.

Cellnex and CPI – which bill themselves as a deep tech innovation organization – also point to the more latent benefits of 5G networks, such as: B. Providing improvements in network reliability, capacity, speed and security for NHS Trusts and other healthcare providers and claim enforcement A suitably tech-enabled healthcare sector has the potential to alleviate many of the problems it faces and ultimately efficiency and to improve the well-being of patients – goals that are difficult to dispute.

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“Wireless connectivity is a critical foundation for success and this private 5G testbed will enable the advancement of digital transformation in society and has the potential to revolutionize the way we care for people,” said David Crawford, Managing Director, Cellnex UK. “For example, we are testing remote monitoring of refrigeration equipment, which will reduce wastage of medical supplies, including perishable vaccines. This will reduce healthcare provider costs and, most importantly, mean we can get more life-saving vaccines to people who need them, in less time.”

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Steven Bagshaw, Head of Business Strategy, HealthTech at CPI added: “The collaboration between Cellnex UK and CPI presents an incredible opportunity to accelerate the commercialization of next-generation connected health devices and solutions in the healthcare sector. Underpinned by digital innovation and multi-partner development programs, our role is to bring the HealthTech ecosystem together to solve existing pain points while creating a reduced-risk environment for partners to explore novel digital innovations that ultimately help transform the Improving the patient experience of the future. ”

Healthcare is often cited as one of the more weighty and useful areas that 5G could revolutionize along with IoT devices – an example is the ability for specialists to remotely diagnose and support patients who are hospitalized, which is important to them the right treatment could allow faster. And in the UK right now, it feels like anything that has a shot at reducing the backlog and improving the overall service of the NHS is worth a punt.

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However, the successful implementation of something practical in the real world is the measure of success for 5G lab/hub/think tank projects like this one, and there are certainly many of them buzzing at this point. We’re told that the project aims to commercialize at least one innovation from the healthcare sector within 12 months, so we just have to see what happens with it.

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