By-Latinos, For-Latinos Healthcare Startup Zócalo Health Closes $5 Million in Funding to Launch Primary Care Services

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Zócalo Health, a Latinos-founded healthcare service for Latinos, today announced $5 million in seed funding co-led by Animo, Virtue and Vamos Ventures. The round includes other notable investors including Necessary Ventures, Able Partners and angel investors Toyin Ajayi, Freada Kapor Klein, Nikhil Krishnan and Erik Ibarra. The funds will support the company’s launch of virtual primary care services in California, Texas and Washington in 2022, introducing an enhanced and long-overdue healthcare experience for Latinos that is built on trust, community and culture.

Over 60 million Latinos live in the United States today – the country’s largest minority. By 2050, they will account for more than 30% of the population, with 132.8 million people. Despite this growth, the US healthcare system lacks the products and resources to meet the unique cultural needs of this population. Latinos have disproportionately limited access to primary care, with a ratio of one primary care physician to five to six thousand residents in mostly Latino ZIP codes.

Zócalo Health bridges this gap by providing affordable and accessible primary care that combines tradition with innovation and prioritizes trusted relationships between providers and patients. Services are offered through monthly and annual memberships, giving patients access to a full team of care – led by a Promoter de Salud (Community Health Worker) and consists of physicians, nurses, mental health therapists and more – as well as same-day appointment scheduling and care coordination services focused on addressing the social determinants of health.

“We founded Zócalo Health to take the values ​​and traditions of our culture and Latino identity and place them at the heart of primary care. We are transforming healthcare in this country as we can no longer rely on a one-size-fits-all system full of inequalities,” said Erik Cardenas, co-founder and CEO of Zócalo Health. “We are relentlessly committed to meeting the needs of the Latino community with urgency and care. We are grateful to our team and investors who understand the importance of embracing innovation while preserving culture and heritage.”

“Our current healthcare system does not work with and respect the identity, care needs and preferences of the Latino person,” said Mariza Hardin, co-founder and head of strategy and operations at Zócalo Health. “I’ve worked in healthcare my entire career and haven’t seen people who looked like me to advance healthcare solutions for my community. With our experience and network, we have the opportunity to build something better for our own families and Latino communities across the country, exemplifying that if the system doesn’t change, we have to be that change.”

Zócalo Health is run by various entrepreneurs who are shaking up the start-up scene. Less than 1% of the funds of the top 25 venture and venture capital firms end up in the hands of Latino founders. Latino startup funding accounts for about 2% of total startup investment. And only 13% of venture capital dollars go to startups with a woman on the founding team.

“Our team at VamosVentures sees tremendous potential in what Zócalo Health is building,” said Xavier del Rosario, partner at the venture capital firm. “We believe in a future where diverse leaders have access to resources to support their communities, and we are confident that the team behind Zócalo Health is paving the way to that future.”

Zócalo Health is rolling out services in California and Texas this National Hispanic Heritage Month and plans to expand to other states in 2022 and beyond. To learn more about Zócalo Health’s mission and services, visit

About Zocalo Health

Zócalo Health is a Latino-founded, virtual family health service designed for Latino patients. We break down barriers in healthcare by providing our members with convenient, transparent, and culturally appropriate care. Our services include same-day virtual health appointments and navigation assistance for a monthly fee. Zócalo Health is available to individuals residing in California.

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